G.i. Joe Figure Subscription Service 7.0 Wave 5 Tomax & Crystal Ball

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G.i. Joe Figure Subscription Service 7.0 Wave 5 Tomax & Crystal Ball

Tomax. A while back, the Club released his twin brother Xamot, also in office attire. I was really wondering if I should open them since they look way better than the old 25th anniversary versions of the twins, but I just can’t imagine putting these guys in suits next to the Cobra higher ranks in battle formation. I’m not sure, but for now I guess they’re staying carded.

Tomax comes with grappling hook and transport platform. Odd choice of gear for a guy in a business suit.

Xamot (the one with the scar on his left cheek) came with only his briefcase and a pistol.

Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball is Cobra’s hypnotists and mind control expert (makes me wonder how Dr. Mindbender gets along with this guy). He also claims to be able to read minds.

He comes with a knife.

Knife can be sheathed on his back.

His only real weapon is a revolver pistol, not even a rifle?

Revolver can be holstered on his leg.

Last but not least, he comes with a reproduction of his vintage toy hypno-shield. The clip is a bit tricky to clip on his arm but it generally works. The hypno-shield works as a lenticular sticker, and creates the illusion of movement on its surface.

Crystal Ball never really appeared in any of the cartoons. He appeared only very briefly in the Marvel Comics run and was subsequently killed alongside Raptor, Voltar and Dr. Mindbender in a trap made by Cobra Commander, who was “cleaning house” of traitors challenging his control over the Cobra organization.


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