G.i. Joe Figure Subscription Service 8.0 Wave 2 Bulletproof & Captain Gridiron

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G.i. Joe Figure Subscription Service 8.0 Wave 2 Bulletproof & Captain Gridiron


Team Leader for the G.i. Joe Drug Elimination Force, and later for the Battle Corps team, Bulletproof is an expert at Urban battle operations and stopping criminal organizations.

His pistol and knife can be sheathed.

Bulletproof was somewhat prominent in the DIC Era Joe cartoons, especially during the “The Greatest Evil” 2 parter, where he leads the team to fight against Headman and his drug operation.

He comes with his rifle.

Last but not least, as an homage he comes with an oversized launcher. Although the launcher is not the same as his vintage toy, the vintage one had light up button when you pressed the trigger mechanism.

Back when I was a kid, I used to think this guy was the same guy as the main character in the COPS cartoon. Turns out he’s not (different real names, Earl S. Morris for the Joes and Bladwin P. Vess for COPS).

Captain Gridiron

In the early episodes of the DIC Joe cartoons, Captain Gridiron was often seen as the field commander for the Joe team, leading the troops and calling the shots on the battlefield.

He doesn’t really come with much in terms of accessories. Just a pistol.

A shotgun

And of course, he comes with a football (assuming the football isn’t a bomb).

The figure isn’t really impressive, considering he was a team leader for a while on the show, I wish they could’ve made a better helmet for him, and went with a visually better vest choice.

Helmet removed.


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