G.i. Joe Figure Subscription Service 8.0 Wave 5 Payload & Munitia

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G.i. Joe Figure Subscription Service 8.0 Wave 5 Payload & Munitia

The pilot of the Defiant Shuttle, never thought we would actually get this guy, the idea to use the Data Viper parts to build him is actually quite clever and it fits the bill.

Apart from his “astronaut” gear, he doesn’t come with much else.

Missile launchers can be raised up.

I like it, now to only hope I can get a Defiant one day that’s complete to go with him and Hardtop.


Based on the character that appeared in the Devil’s Due comics, Munitia is a cold blooded killer, nothing fazes her. She is a part of the Plague Troopers, Cobra’s answer to the “elite specialists” concept of G.i. Joe.

I really love this figure, easily one of my favorites in the entire FSS lineup.

Comms radio

She also comes with a sniper rifle.

The 12 members of the Plague troopers are:
-Blackout – Sniper (FSS 1.0 13th figure)
-Bayonet – Snow Serpent in all black
-Body Bags – SAW Viper
-Grim Skull – Sand Viper
-Incision- Night Creeper
-Infrared – Crimson Guard (Cobra Shadow Guard from Marine Devastation pack with Gung Ho works)
-Interrogator – Cobra interrogator (FSS 4.0 wave 5 with Billy)
-Munitia – Cobra Mercenary (FSS 8.0 wave 5)
-Vanguard – new recruit (Dollar General Green suit v.17 Shipwreck might be a good fit)
-Vector – Laser Viper
-Velocity – AVAC
-Guillotine- Cobra Eel, team leader (FSS 6.0 wave 4 with Sub-Zero)

Not bad, I guess we technically have 6 Plague Troopers already.







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