G.i. Joe FSS Figure Subscription Service Wave 3 (Top Side and Big Boa)

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G.i. Joe FSS Figure Subscription Service Wave 3 (Top Side and Big Boa)

Top side

Magnum securely holsters into his right leg.

I surely don’t remember Topside ever holding an actual magnum in the show, but for the most part, Topside was the DIC equivalent of Shipwreck, the Navy man of the new Joe team. Only lacking any real personality… much like most of the DIC-era characters, sadly.

Hook (same as the hook that came with Cutter from the 3pack)

Gun and nightstick.

Big Boa

Big Boa never had any screen time in the cartoons, and wasn’t in the old Marvel comics. He was a character created for the toyline when they first wanted to introduce Rocky Balboa (yes, THAT Rocky Balboa) to the Gi Joe team, after Sgt. Slaughter a year before, and needed a nemesis for the Rocky, the deal fell through when Stallone decided to give the rights of his likeness to a Rambo cartoon instead. Big Boa still pushed through and is still one of the fan-favorites from the old toy line.

Big Boa came out in the IDW Gi Joe comics, fought hand to hand against Bazooka, lost, and much later in another story arc, was killed by the Red Shadows.

To equip his boxing gloves, you have to swap the whole fist.

“I’m coming for you, Balboa!”

He also comes with other accessories. All of his accessories come from the cancelled Training Gear ROC Duke figure from a while back supposedly, except for the sledge hammer.

American Gladiators styled fighting stick.

Ding, Ding, Ding,


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