G.i. Joe – Joe Con 2015 Boxset Figures (Tiger Force vs. Iron Grenadiers)

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G.i. Joe – Joe Con 2015 Boxset Figures (Tiger Force vs. Iron Grenadiers)

Tiger Force Stalker

Gaaaah! They misprinted the nameplate base.. talk about luck of the draw!!!!!


Satellite phone

Stores into backpack too.

Say hello to my little friend….

Tiger Force Lifeline

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to Lifeline holding a gun. .

This seems more in character. .

Stretcher and Med kit

Tiger Force Big Brawler

According to the Club comic, Big Brawler got this sword as a trophy for knocking out a ninja. Pretty bada$$… but you gotta feel sorry for the poor ninja though. .

One day, I’m going to have to breakout all the Joes who carry heavy machine guns and put ‘em together. That would probably look really cool. .

Tiger Force Sgt Sabretooth (formerly Wreckage)

Just like the vintage Wreckage figure, this fella is a repaint of Firefly. I bet it’s going to get pretty awkward when they run into each other…..

For some reason, his explosives aren’t removable, unlike the original Firefly figure from the Retaliation 3pack.

Tiger Force Recondo

Personally I find this to be the weakest figure in the set. The colors pale too far from the vintage versions. Plus the sculpt was never really good IMHO. Too bad, this guy was one of my favorites in the cartoons.

“Oh Crap.. I shot Flint by accident…”

Tiger Force Dialtone

Comes with computer briefcase with additional gun.

Tiger Force Team

Iron Grenadiers

General Mayhem

From what I understand he’s supposed to be General Ironbear from the Oktober Guard team?

Guess he’s a fan of Batman?


I love the headsculpt, hate pretty much everything else.

When they first announced Metal Head I was excited, then we got this and it feels so wrong. It may be an update version of the fan-favorite character but it just comes out terrible for me. The weakest part is the use of the Pursuit of Cobra missile set from Duke. I really wish they go back and redo this figure properly.

Uhm… bang?

Undertow Officer

Hey! A female Cobra officer! Sweet! The head is a reuse of Pilot Scarlet/Night Force pilot Freestyle.

Be warned! Once you put on the helmet, it’s pretty darn hard to take it off.

I wonder why they didn’t make the fins removable?

She comes with a barracuda.


The Undertow’s footwear are removable, plus it even folds. It’s a shame they didn’t put these on the Officer figure too..

The Undertows also come with sleds

Iron Anvil

I love the design on these guys, given the choice I would’ve loved to army build 10 each of these fellas, along with the Undertows. Sigh.. but that would be too costly.

The only downside is that the paint on the gun handles of these figures rub off way too easily. Yuck…

Anvils go!

The Iron Grenadier Team

The whole box


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