G.i. Joe JoeClub Final 12 Tiger Force Psyche-Out & Tunnel Rat

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G.i. Joe JoeClub Final 12 Tiger Force Psyche-Out & Tunnel Rat

Tiger Force Psyche-Out

The Joe Club made a mistake with this release and forgot to add the words “Tiger Force” to Psyche-Out’s name plate, they rectified this by sending a follow up name plate to those who ordered, free of charge.

Psyche-Out is the Joe team’s resident psychologist and Psyops warfare expert. This figure is a redeco of the figure from FSS 3.0 (with Repeater)

He comes with a rifle.

His backpack can be opened up to store his dish accessories.

He also comes with a pistol. But Psyche-Out’s greatest weapon are his low frequency wave emitters, which generate waves which generate paranoia at the same time broadcasting misinformation to his opponents, neutralizing them before even firing the first shot.

Tiger Force Tunnel Rat

The figure is a redeco based on the Renegades Tunnel Rat and technically, the last Tiger Force member to ever be released in Modern Era sculpt, I find it fitting since Tunnel Rat’s facial features were supposed to be based on G.i. Joe comics founding father and scribe, Larry Hama. Sad and cool at the same time.

Being the Joe Team’s demolitions expert, he comes with a satchel of TNT. Too bad he doesn’t come with his usual backpack full of explosives or the bomb disposal robot that came with the Renegades Tunnel Rat.

The revolver on his vest is removable.

He comes with a flashlight as well.

Tunnel Rat’s main ranged weapon is his heavy rifle.

I’m really glad the Joe Club got us a lot of the Tiger Force members out. As is, it’s an impressive 24 figure line up, but still missing a handful of guys from the vintage collection (Mutt, General Hawk, Crosshair, Hardtop) before we can really say we got all the of the Tiger Force in Modern Era form. Since the G.i. Joe club folded, there won’t be any more coming. So I guess I really should do a proper updated Tiger Force group shot one day.


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