G.i. Joe Joecon 2012 Boxset Iron Grenadiers

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Iron Grenadiers


Voltar really didn’t do much in the old Joe comics. But he was among those that were buried alive in a tanker on Cobra Island when Cobra Commander staged a successful coup against Serpentor. Supposedly, all the officers and troopers that were buried found spoiled rations inside the tanker and actually died of food poisoning. Terrible way to go….

His suit has certain parts of the Accelerator suit from Rise of Cobra.

Iron Grenadiers – Heavy Weapons Specialists

Comes as 2 per box

Iron Grenadiers – Elite Guards

Also comes in 2 per box.

Iron Grenadiers – Elite Troopers

Comes with the same gear as the standard guys.

Comes as 4 per box.

Iron Grenadiers

Funfact: The foot stands from this set now say “Code Name: Iron Grenadiers”. The 25th Anniv. ones from the 2pack say “Code Name: Iron Grenadier”, while the single release figures from the Pursuit of Cobra say just “Iron Grenadier” .


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