G.i. Joe Joecon 2014 Zombie Initiative Boxset

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G.i. Joe Joecon 2014 Zombie Initiative Boxset

ECO Force Flint

I’m not entirely sure but I think he’s sporting the headsculpt of the Retaliation Flint?

Compound Z Antidote-filled Z-positive weapon

All else fails, the ol’ trusty shotgun works.


Reuse of Airtight’s gear.

A bit of a cheat here, he shares the same helmet as Flint.

Ozone also comes with a Z+ gas mask

Clean Sweep

He sorta looks like Peter Cullen (the voice of Optimus Prime) doesn’t he?

Comes with brief case/portable computer with rifle (same case as POC General Hawk)

Z+ cure rifle.

ECO Warriors

Unlike the original vintage figures though, these do not change color when they get wet. A shame…

“Muh-Muh-Muh-MASK is the only power that can save the day….. dun dun dun dunn…”

With the ECO Warriors as the main team, G.i. Joe decided to have a backup team in place in case the A-team failed.


I really love this figure, I think he’s the best one in the box.

Hook swords can be stored in the backpack.

Hook swords.




Not a big fan of the reused POC Snowjob head here. Kind of wished they used the old “Chuck Norris” head instead.

Lots of gear can be stowed on the backpack.

All else fails, go melee!

Steel Brigade Commander

Still Beach head…

Lol… golden shovel? Ostentatious!

Pistol and silencer can be stored in the holster.

Z+ cure Bazooka

Gotta love it that the Steel Brigade figures always come with so much gear. .

The G.i. Joe Zombie invasion response team. Will they be enough to save us?

Don’t ask me how, but according to the Joecon 2014 event comic short story, the effects of Compound Z are reversible (infected zombies can turn back into humans???) thanks to Ozone’s cure for the Zombie plague that Cobra created. But the survivors will require months of physical rehab to be fully back to normal… hmm….


Repulsor is Cesspool’s right hand man.



Reuse of Red Star’s head, I think?

With his zombie pet dog

With his boss, Cesspool.


Lol.. gimpsuit mask

Oxygen tank?

Compound Z launcher


Zombie leg


Compound Z bomb… for what I’m assuming is for kamikaze attacks.


Cobra Lab Rats

A good reuse of the POC Dusty head but I’m not sure I like the reuse of the 30th Anniv Cobra Commander body here.

Compound Z case

Compound Z injector

Err.. calculator?

The Zombie Initiative Cobras

The full 15 figures

Admittedly, I passed on the Steel Brigade Zombies 3pack. I just didn’t feel like spending the cash for that set.


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