G.i. Joe Joecon 2016 Attendee figure Air Raid

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G.i. Joe Joecon 2016 Attendee figure Air Raid

Air Raid was a codename originally assigned to Franklin Talltree ( the original Airborne) during the Rise of Cobra movie toyline, when Hasbro lost the rights to the name “Airborne” I think. They later renamed the character Airborne again and we get this new guy (Benjamin Thomas) as Air Raid.

…. lol… so we now know what Channing Tatum looks like if he were African American.

The figure is a redeco of Pursuit of Cobra Skydive.

His only accessory is this little sidearm.

In the Joe Con comic he pilots the new experimental retooled Skystriker, which immediately crashed. I passed on that vehicle since I’ve already got way too many Skystrikers and I still consider the Sky Raven the primary Sky Patrol aircraft.


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