G.i. Joe JoeCon 2016 Sky Patrol Sky Striker

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G.i. Joe JoeCon 2016 Sky Patrol Sky Striker

I was going to pass on this vehicle, since we’ve gotten soooo many Sky Strikers already in so many different flavors and it was featured only as an experimental vehicle that didn’t really do much in the Joecon comic. But the Joe Club had this on sale and it was too good to pass up. So here we are.

Instead of the traditional chromed finish, the club went with all silver matte for environmental reasons. I think it works well enough. I would love for it to match the vintage chrome motif though, oh well.

Due to the shiny finish, I didn’t feel like plugging the front section all the way in, since I planned to pack the unit up again after taking pics, I was worried it might scuff the finish. It holds up good enough even without locking it in all the way.

The decals are all tampographed.

Yep, engine covers are still removable.

The C0ckpit, hmm…. it seems they dropped the flip up HUD panel (same as the Wolf Squad Sky Striker), cost cutting I guess.

Bombs and missiles are all green colored for some reason. Why not black?

I never really noticed this, but did the Sky Strikers always come with no jet intake turbines?? I’ll have to go and check the others.

Sky Dive can now travel in style!

With the 2016 Joecon attendee exclusive Sky Sweeper jet.


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