G.i. Joe Joecon 2017 Boxset

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G.i. Joe Joecon 2017 Boxset

Certificate of authenticity

Cobra B.A.T. Squad leader
Cobra B.A.T. V1.8


Maverick reuses the latest Capt. Ace. head, plus some parts from Matt Tracker. He is Battle Force 2000’s team captain. Man, it’s going to be awkward placing this guy next to Capt. Ace.

The helmet isn’t quite a proper fit, it can spin around his head when you twist it.

He comes with a sidearm that can be holstered.

He comes with his original gun.


While Maverick is the team’s leader, he’s usually airborne, it falls to Dodger to lead the team on the ground.

Upon first glance, it seems like Dodger comes with only a shotgun. Not very “Battle Force of the Future”, right? Well, for some reason, the club packaged his vintage gun in a separate baggie, along with Blocker and Blaster’s sci-fi weapons.

Weapon level up!

Now we’re talking….


The BF2000 team member most likely to go A.W.O.L. Avalanche is the only team member who specializes in arctic conditions.

Knife can be sheathed.

Want some shaved ice, sir?

He comes with a sniper rifle and his classic “high-tech” weapon.


The hovercraft expert of the team. Sadly, they rarely go on missions that require hovercrafts.

Knife can be sheathed.


Like Dodger and Blocker, Blaster’s “high-tech” weapon comes bagged separately from his main accessories.


Formerly a taxi driver, Blocker decided to use his uncanny driving talents and joined the army and ultimately, G.i. Joe’s Battle Force 2000.

Blocker comes with shotgun.

Yikes, apparently, they forgot to paint Blocker’s EYEBROWS onto the figure. I believe this is an issue will all Blocker figures.

Like Dodger and Blaster, Blocker’s “high-tech” weapon comes bagged separately from his main accessories.


Knockdown’s specialty is anti-air defence. He also apparently has a “morbid fear of flying”.

His helmet was previously released as Iron Grenadier’s General Mayhem’s helmet.

He comes with a rifle and a large, oversized, pistol based on his original toy’s accessory.

Battle Force 2000

The team was actually created to “field test” next-gen weapons and vehicles for G.i.Joe to use in battle.

Originally, when this line was introduced back in 1986, giving it a title aimed at 14 years away seemed really cool and futuristic at the time. Well, when year 2000 came, we didn’t really see any real major improvements in technology. Worse still, 18 years later, BF2000 now just sounds sad and outdated. lol…

With Dee-jay from the Ultimate Enemies 2pack, to wrap up the whole team.

Sadly, Hasbro eventually gave G.i. Joe comic scribe Larry Hama the clear signal to dispatch any characters that were no longer in toy circulation. This resulted in practically the whole BF2000 team getting killed off in G.i. Joe issue 113, during the liberation battle of Benzheen, with the exception of Dodger (the only survivor of the Cobra artillery barrage). Poor Dee-jay just had his first appearance in this issue to boot (the other BF2000 team members were previously introduced way back in issue 68, and played a major part in the Cobra Civil War).

Cobra B.A.T. Squad leader

A retool of the Cobra B.A.T. based on the 2nd generation design in the vintage line. This particular figure is painted red instead of orange to give it a command indication as the squad leader of the new B.A.T. team.

“Battle damaged” chest plate is plugged in as the default setting.

Standard issue B.A.T. “spare hands”.

Standard issue B.A.T. sidearm.

Sidearm can be holstered.

Claw arm

Laser arm

Flame thrower arm

This “leader B.A.T.” also comes with a projectile launcher.

Cobra B.A.T. V1.8

Due to the sudden extension of the Joe Club’s contract for 2 more years, the Joe Club had little time to produce a varied Cobra set for the Joecon 2017, they had to go with a bunch of Cobra B.A.T.s to make up for the missing guys in the set. I’m actually pretty OK with this as I tend to army build 10 Cobras if I could help it, as opposed to be limited to only 3 due to high pricing and scarcity.

Again, like the squad leader, this guy has the “damaged plates” set in as the default.

Pretty much the standard Cobra B.A.T. stuff we seen before, just on a new head.

He also comes with a saw arm attachment.

The Cobra B.A.Ts V1.8 team.

Note that, originally there should be only 8 orange ones. I decided to grab an extra figure to make a decent looking 9-bot team, to blend in better with my “hard to build” 3-man Cobra troop formation.

The full set.


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