G.i. Joe JoeCon 2018 Boxset Slaughter’s Marauders

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G.i. Joe JoeCon 2018 Boxset Slaughter’s Marauders

Sgt. Smasher

The Marauder’s new drill instructor, I’m not entirely sure if he is meant to be the same “Mr. C” who appeared in the Sunbow G.i. Joe cartoons as a character on the Cobra TV network who later signs up with the Joes, or someone else. But I guess he fits.

His hairstyle is a mohawk, same as “Mr. C”, which is a parody of TV personality, Mr. T.

He comes with a pistol, sadly, no holster for said pistol.

He comes with a mini-gatling gun and backpack.

Lastly, since he’s a drill instructor, it only seems fitting he comes with a swagger stick.


Probably the most laid back, goof-off Joe I could think of, it’s a wonder how he was ever able to sign up for the Marauders.

Sigh… my set arrived with a broken strap for his webgear, luckily the Joe Club is sending a replacement. Thanks Joe Club!

Footloose comes with a flashlight and pistol.

His flashlight can be stored in the backpack. No holster for his pistol though.

He also comes with a rocket launcher and one rocket.

Since Footloose loves to trek through jungles, it’s only fitting he comes with a machete accessory.

Lastly, Footloose comes with his rifle. Groovy man.

Spirit Iron-Knife and Freedom

I was quite surprised when they unveiled the new head for Spirit, it seems more Native American compared to the last version. Too bad it does not quite capture the animation model but I guess it’s pretty good in its own right.

Spirit and Freedom are a team.

Spirit looks really good. I’ll probably use the previous Marauders figure as a separate character instead, maybe as Spirit’s brother or something.

Spirit comes with a knife but it’s not the same knife in his webgear, that one is not removable.

Spirit’s rifle and backpack are still the same as the classic accessories. Only with the Marauders logo.

Mutt and Junkyard

It’s been a while since we’ve seen old Mutt and Junkyard, the figs were always one of my favorites at the start of the Modern Era line.

Junkyard still sports no articulation.

Removable helmet

Mutt comes with a pistol and knife.

Mutt also comes with a leash and dog training gear for Junkyard.

G.i. Zoo


When I was a kid, I wanted to have Hardball, since he was one of the cooler Joe figures from the vintage line that I liked mostly for his accessory, the grenade launcher, it looked big and seemed like it would pack a punch.

Removable cap

Pistol with silencer and knife accessories can be removed from his right leg.

He comes with a backpack with the Marauders logo on it.

Ye ole grenade launcher…

It’s too bad we’ll never see this guy in the proper V1 colors, but I guess it’s this or nothing now at this point. Thanks I guess Joe Club?

The Marauders

Major Bludd

Due to an unfortunate mix-up at the factory, Major Bludd was shipped without his moustache and eyebrows painted on. The Club has sent out replacement heads to address the issue.

Bludd comes with a pistol sidearm.

Pistol can be holstered on his hip.

He also comes with his trusty mini-rocket gun from the old days.

Plus extra rockets on his backpack.

I find it odd that the Club didn’t give this guy a proper arm, it’s still the same “elbow-less” arm from the early modern era version of this figure.

Lastly, he comes with a sonic weapon of sorts, for stopping the sarge (a homage to the vintage Sonic Fighters Major Bludd I guess?).

Python Patrol Lampreys

Makes sense for the Python Patrol to have their own team for underwater missions. I love the color scheme for these figures.

They come with pistols.

And a rifle.

Hehe, gold swim fins?

The fins still have the peg holes.

IMHO the best looking Python Patrol figures around.

Python Patrol Laser Vipers

The Joe Club really went all out for this final convention set, they managed to reproduce the classic backpacks for these guys.

They come with little pistols, it’s adorable.

Attaching the hoses for the backpack is little hard to do, I opted not to do it since I was worried it might break the tiny pegs on the packs.

Python Patrol HEAT Viper

The Python Patrol HEAT Vipers look incredible, much better than their V1 colors version, too bad they don’t come with much aside from the backpacks and oversized launchers.

Python Patrol 2019

I didn’t have time to break out the mass retail Python Patrol figures (along with Copperhead), perhaps another time. I passed on the Python Para Vipers and SNAKE armors since I didn’t like the figures that much, plus they were sold as a pack of 2, which meant I had to hunt down a spare one to form a three man team. I just opted to use the funds instead to track down vintage Slaughter’s Marauders vehicles.

The Full Boxset

For me, I think the Joe Club really went all out for this final convention set. Sure I would’ve loved getting a proper Cobra-La but given that there was no more time for new tooling, I am glad they could at least roll out a great set. I enjoyed this set more than the previous years’ offerings (overdose of BATs).


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