G.i. Joe Rise of Cobra The Pit Headquarters with General Hawk

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G.i. Joe Rise of Cobra The Pit Headquarters with General Hawk


Measures roughly 26.5×15.5x 9 Inches

Some assembly requrired

When fully assembled, the Pit in vehicle mode is roughly 2 feet long.

In vehicle mode the features include:

Radar array.

Front cannons

Footpegs scattered about the deck.

Rear access stairs?

Drivers seats

Silly as it sounds, even though there are eight wheels, only 4 actually roll.

Helipad landing is really small. If the Skysweeper has trouble parking on it, I don’t think putting the Dragonhawk there would be a good idea.

Opening up the deck.

Trap door (hinges pop off way too easily!)

More foot pegs

Jail pit (seriously?? and I thought Cobra treated its prisoners bad lol. )

Secondary landing site and extendable ramps/drawbridge.

Ping pong table.

Oh yeah, before I forget, General Hawk here is terrible! The face sculpt is too thin and the eyes are painted horribly, a headswap with the way better single carded General Hawk head should fix this (if you want a movie-accurate Hawk).

Pit Headquarters fully opened (“wings” spread out to about 3 Feet wide).

Included Accessories:

The guns can be stored in the weapons hold.

“Do-it-yourself” cardboard crates!

General’s coffee mug.

Command console has 3 different buttons for various sound effects. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Likewise, when not pressed, the unit will emit “background noises” of Joes walking, marching and other sounds. Fun.

Elevator platform. It gets stuck sometimes and will require force to move up and down. Badly done IMHO.

Crappy, easy to bust out jail cell (connected to the Jail pit I mentioned above).

Engine hatch.

Random seat.

Right “wing” features rocks (inside a “mobile” base??) with foot pegs and break away wall.

“Left” Wing features cardboard props and fold out Joe quarters with “lockers”

Rear section features Med bay and Widescreen TV.

Widescreen TV

Well.. this was somewhat disappointing for me, even at sale price, the only thing I liked about it were the electronics and the med bay.

The lack of any vehicle service bay and odd mix of almost everything else just feels wrong. It’s like 5 guys came up with different ideas and tried to squeeze it all into the toy with poor results.

I advise NOT to attach the drawbridge and handle. Since they are one time clip ons (cannot be removed and gets in the way when you return the toy into the box for storage). They can still be removed though using a screwdriver and a lot of skill but I’d skip attaching them altogether.

The vehicle mode is just weird to look at, a ship on wheels? C’mon!

For those curious, I counted 88 footpegs scattered throughout the Pit, so you can basically pose 60 + figures there (you can’t use all 88 at the same time due to the flip out deck going upside down).

The ping pong table is just a mess. It holds together well but it really should’ve been better (parts of the cardboard don’t seem to fit in too well or are too big like the net piece)

There are 7 sticker sheets. It took me about 3 hours to put them on and I was doing a speed run (no interruptions). So doing them casually would take maybe 4-5 hours I’d say. But there’s not much point to attaching them all as the colors are dark on dark (red sticker on a dark green surface?). If you want, just stick the stickers on the grey deck and lighter surfaces and don’t bother with stickers on the dark green surfaces.

Also, not all of the stickers will be used, after applying everything on the instruction sheets, there will be about half a sheet left over for the you to decide if you want to arbitrarily stick them anywhere. More customizing fun I guess..

Bottom line, the playset/vehicle disappoints. I’d rather they reissue the Mobile Command Center or the 1983 Joe Headquarters over this. Paying 4000PhP for it while on sale still feels like I over paid for the toy.

The only awesome thing about it is the size, that’s it. I give it a 4/10. If you really, really have the urge to get this, go in with very, very, very low expectations.

FUNFACT In the Rise of Cobra game for PS3 and Xbox, once you complete the Joe side, you can actually play the Cobra side of the game. With the final big boss as the Gi Joe Mobile Pit HQ.

You basically blast away at the vehicles numerous defenses from a covered position until nothing is left. Which is funny when you think about it. Guys with rifles taking out laser turrets and missile launchers and then taking out something that supposedly has the armor of a tank and that’s the size of a mobile building? Wow…..


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