G.i. Joe Sgt Slaughter (Marauders colors custom)

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G.i. Joe Sgt Slaughter (Marauders colors custom)

I got this off an Ebay customizer a while back, when the just announced the 2018 Joecon set. It’s a recast of the G.i. Joe Retaliation Roadblock body, with a new Sgt. Slaughter head, hat, belt and whistle, all done in Marauders colors.

Since the base figure is a recast custom from Roadblock, it’s lacking the ankle rocker joints.

New belt.

The figure is sloppy though, for a custom it feels like it was painted in a hurry, a lot of paint bleeds here and there. Still, it’s way better than anything I could make by myself by a mile, so I guess I can’t really complain. I recall seeing this custom have a duffle bag and the sarge’s swagger stick as well, I don’t know if that was a different seller or they cost too much to include now in the custom? Oh well, no great loss.

I love that the hat is removable, it comes off a bit too easily though since it’s kinda just sitting on sarge’s head.

Overall, I still love it. It’s far from being perfectly painted, and maybe one day I will ask someone to fix up the sloppy paint work, but as is, it’s good enough to blend in with the Joecon Marauders set. That set really needs its leader.


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