G.i. Joe Sigma 6 Dragonhawk

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G.i. Joe Sigma 6 Dragonhawk

Requires 3x AA batteries, not included.

A lot of the pieces here are “one time assembly” only. I didn’t push them all the way in so I could return the parts to the box after.

Lt. Stone

Minigun with targeting recticle (minigun sound effects when you fire)

Missile launchers (sound effects when you fire)

Blinking warning lights when propellers are active.

Drop crate with Snake Eyes and bike

There’s even an LED for positioning the target area of the crate. Cool! .

Lol… okay, so Snake Eyes doesn’t have any articulation below the waist, so he can’ stand…

This Dragonhawk is originally scaled for 2.5” figures. Luckily, by removing the pilot’s chair, you can now put 3.75” figures into the vehicle.

It’s just a simple matter of removing the screws AND removing this cap on the minigun.

“This is my ride now, pardner!”


The sheer size of this vehicle makes it soooo awesome! It’s a shame we didn’t get anything remotely close to this in Retaliation.


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