G.i. Joe Skystorm X-wing Chopper

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G.i. Joe Skystorm X-wing Chopper

Growing up, I had only a handful of Joe vehicles, one of which was the Skystorm. I had sold off my original unit (which was in near pristine condition) way back before Hasbro started the 25th line. Seeing as how this one seems impossible to get reissued now, I got lucky and managed to score one in pretty good shape off Ebay, complete with the box too.


Interestingly, while Windmill’s uniform here is insanely neon-colored, his Marvel comics appearance had a more realistic color scheme. He’s supposed to come with a big magnum revolver for an accessory but the seller sent the wrong piece and instead he comes with a bolo? Sigh…

Skystorm X-wing chopper

OK, I gotta admit, those “Nobody beats G.i. Joe” commercials really rocked my world every time I watched them. They really had me wanting to get the Phantom X-19, X-wing and Rolling Thunder (not the Cobra Bugg though) back in the day and that carries over until today. Those were really good commercials.

From what I understand, the military really did have “chopper to jet” real-world applications ready at some point while this toy was being developed. For some reason it never pushed through to mass production. But it is cool to think Hasbro really did something that nearly copied the future of military flight.

Pulling on the disc up top will release the chopper blades.

I didn’t have time to dig out my JoeClub FSS Windmill for this, but I think he should be able to fit inside the c0ckpit as there is a lot of leg room in there.


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