G.i. Joe Special Forces 2017 3pack (Outback, Shooter & Lt. Falcon)

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G.i. Joe Special Forces 2017 3pack (Outback, Shooter & Lt. Falcon)


Outback this time has been outfitted with the Battle-Kata combat vest and gear from the G.i. Joe Retaliation Battle-Kata Roablock figure.

The Battle-Kata are basically weapon handles that can connect to various blades and can even form guns and pistols. I missed out on opening the Roadblock version but I have to say the idea behind it and the execution of the concept are very, very cool.

The best part about it here is that they dropped the holsters for the Katas on his legs and went with clips on his belt for holsters instead. This was my problem with the Retaliation Roadblock as the holsters were too big, they took away the coolness from Roadblock when I first saw them.

It is a cool feature and all, but it seems like overkill to equip on Outback, as he already has several impressive weapons on him in this set.

Knife and small arms.


Heavy machine gun

Plus Outback’s signature rifle accessory since 1987, the Heckler and Koch G3 rifle.

Lt. Falcon

Falcon is mostly a repaint from the Sgt. Slaughter Marauders set. Complete with removable beret.

Falcon’s backpack still has the usual trappings.


During the Devil’s Due run on the G.i. Joe comic, we are introduced to Shooter, the original Joe team’s sniper. She was apparently killed behind the scenes during the events of the very first issue of Marvel Comics G.i. Joe. The original Joes never knew she was there with them on the mission as she was there to help cover their escape without their knowledge. She was later caught and killed by Cobra troopers. These facts only came into light when they “declassified” the mission during the Devils Due comics run.

How she can have a Wolf Squad logo is beyond me. I suppose that since the Devil’s Due continuity was dropped when IDW took over, there is a chance Shooter is still alive in the continued saga of the original Marvel comics run.

Her rifle can be taken apart and fit into the carry case.

She also comes with a knife and a sidearm.

There’s also a new theme that Hasbro’s trying to introduce, the Wolf Squad. The color scheme is basically characters in gray. So far the lineup consists of Ace and Sightline from the Silent Strike set, Hit and Run from Vanishing Act 3pack and the characters included in this set.

Other possible, unofficial inclusions would be Flint from the Danger at the Docks set (regular release, not the SDCC), Chuckles and Night Fox from the Desert Duel set (SDCC version, the non-SDCC does not have Night Fox).


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