G.i. Joe vintage Desert Fox with Skidmark

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G.i. Joe vintage Desert Fox with Skidmark


I never really cared for the character since he never appeared in the cartoons, and only had a very brief cameo in the Sunbow animated Marvel Comics ad. Still, I really liked his ride and I’m happy to get the figure included without any damages.

The Desert Fox

This was actually one of the vehicles I always figured on backtracking since I loved the militaristic design and colors. Sure beats the old VAMP and AWE Strikers, the fact that the Club decided to make a Modern Era Skidmark (Treadmark now) was the final deciding factor I needed to pull the trigger on this. Admittedly, I got it from Ebay and it came with Canadian stickers instead of USA, but I’m good with it.

Spare seat and targeting computer

Scorpion SS-12 Anti-Tank missiles.

Armored turret

Yeah, easily one of my favorite high speed Joe land vehicles.


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