Ghostbusters Fright Features Ecto-1

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Ghostbusters Fright Features Ecto-1

The Ecto-1 spans roughly 13.75 x 5.5 inches in dimension.

The left side doors do not open. To get the driver in, you’ll have to use the right-side doors.

The whitewall tires are actually stickers. Clever cost cutting there, Hasbro.

For the rear wheels, the whitewall tires are in two halves, getting them to line up right is pretty hard, often leaving a gap in the tires. Sigh… This was the best I could do under the circumstances.

I know this is supposed to be another signal light, but it sure looks off here.

Just like in the vintage Kenner toy, the rear windshield here is also just a sticker.

The set comes with a blaster that can be pegged on top of the vehicle.

Ladder and hoses are separate pieces from the vehicle mold and add a some cool details to the playset.

Swing out gunner’s seat from the right-side of the car.

The blaster can be ported onto the side of the gunner’s seat as well.

Not much in terms of dashboard details.

With the gunner’s seat opened out, there’s a lot of room inside the Ecto-1 now.

The rear door opens up like a ramp this time around, releasing the little Mobile Ghost Trap unit.

The Mobile Ghost Trap can actually be flipped over and have the cannon attached to it’s bottom.

With the Ghostbusters

Due to the gunner’s seat design, the inside of the vehicle can only seat 3 characters max.

Lol… no space for a 4th guy in the car, the real reason Egon left the team…. ?

Overall, I enjoyed this set more than I thought I would. I had actually planned on skipping the whole line, but after seeing a local shop display theirs opened and grouped together, it showed me that the setup works really, really well. Plus, thanks to the deep clearance prices of these items, backtracking them is even sweeter. I’ll set them up as my IDW Comics universe Ghostbusters, since they fit the bill close enough.


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