Ghostbusters Plasma Series 1

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Ghostbusters Plasma Series 1

Peter Venkman
Ray Stanz
Egon Spengler
Winston Zeddemore
Dana Barrett
Gozer the Gozerian
Terror Dog Build-A-Figure

I have to be honest, this is my first time encountering tape seals with “do not open before” street dates. It’s even sadder when these came out very, very late last year (June-July 2019) due to malls being closed for weeks due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Even crazier, I only found the time to open these practically a whole year after said street date. Sigh… there are just days I wish I had more free time. Ah well.

Peter Venkman

The wiseguy of the team. Peter is street-smart, shrewd and can often outwit any bureaucrat. He also has the charm and wit to usually get what he wants. Peter is often the “mouth” of the Ghostbusters operation.

Just like how he appears in the first movie, his pants are tucked out of his boots.

Actor Bill Murray was always hesitant to sign off his likeness when it came to GB merchandise. I guess this sort of explains why Peter’s look isn’t that spot on even with Hasbro’s patented “face paint” technology.

The Ghostbusters figures all have a hidden mid-torso ball joint that also functions as a waist swivel joint.

Hasbro really did the fans a service here by adding an additional joint for the wrists, making it easier to hold and pose the Neutrino wands.

lol… according to the movie production notes, that yellow cable in their suits actually functions as a catheter for when they get so frightened and lose bladder control. Not kidding.

The Proton pack plugs in like a backpack and has removable clasps on the sides.

The Neutrino wand can be hooked up to the pack when not in use.

Peter is the only team member that comes with a ghost trap accessory.

Unfortunately, the trap is hollow.

In the animated series, the ghost traps could be stowed on the left side of the packs. This never happened in the movies so no point of replicating that gimmick here for the movie figures.

Ray Stanz

Ray, together with Egon, comprise the GB team’s science experts. Often curious about the occult and fascinated with science, Ray helped create the Ghostbusters’ equipment. Ray is also known as the “heart and soul” of the team thanks to his optimistic personality.

Because of Ray’s … slightly round physique, getting the Proton pack onto this figure is a huge challenge. I had to really struggle to get the belt into place. Ray is the only figure to have a uniquely bigger tummy compared to the other GB team member figures, which generally share the same body molds.

Ray comes with the Ecto goggles.

His belt is also unique among the four Ghostbusters figures, as it has a hook for holding the goggles when not in use.

Egon Spengler

Egon Spengler is a no-nonsense scientist and is the team’s expert on well… almost anything. Creating all of the Ghostbuster’s equipment from scratch with some help from Ray, Egon is an unparalleled genius and never stops innovating the team’s tech.

The likeness of late actor Harold Ramis is very impressive, it beats the Mattycollector version. It’s one of the reasons I decided to grab these figures even though I already have the Matty ones.

Egon comes with his Psycho-Kinetic Energy (PKE) meter.

When not in use, the PKE meter can be plugged into a hole in the figure’s belt.

Winston Zeddemore

Winston is the Ghostbuster’s “everyman” and often times, the voice of reason of the team. Before applying to join the crew, Winston previously worked various menial jobs, he is the only member not to have a doctorate on the team (he gains one later on “off screen”, if we consider the events of the Ghostbusters Video Game canon). Winston is often seen doing maintenance on the Ecto-1 with Ray when not out in the field.

The role of Winston was originally written to be for actor Eddie Murphy, but he couldn’t join the movie due to filming commitments on Beverly Hills Cop.

Winston is the only figure that comes with a Proton stream effect part.

It plugs somewhat awkwardly to the wand (falls off too easily). I wish they executed this a bit better. I also wish all the figures came with the traps and stream effects as standard accessories. Too bad.

We’re the bad, the beautiful, the only, Ghostbusters!

Personally though, I think the Mattycollector figures are in some ways better, especially with regards to some details like with the wands, these are lacking the little red cable at the tip.

I also really dislike the use of white plastic here, the uniforms should be a bit more brown or darker for movie accuracy. Dang it, Hasbro…

Dana Barrett

The Ghostbuster’s first client and eventually Peter Venkman’s on-and-off girlfriend, Dana’s apartment building becomes a nexus for Gozer the Gozerian to enter our dimension as seen in the original Ghostbusters movie.

Sigh, Hasbro QC really went downhill with this line, there are some plastic mold imperfections on her face on my copy. Luck of the draw eh?

There’s a mid torso joint cleverly hidden here. Nice touch.

For some reason, her face seems small, the proportions are way off compared to the other faces in the wave.

Still, even with the off head proportions, at least you can make out it’s actress Sigourney Weaver. Which is a huge improvement over the Mattycollector one, plus this one has actual articulation.

Gozer the Gozerian

Also known as Gozer the Destructor, Volguus Zildrohar, Gozer the Traveler or Lord of Sebuillia. Gozer is brought forth into a dimension with the intention to destroy. As an ancient, ultra-powerful deity, Gozer is androgynous and is neither male nor female.

I like how Hasbro was able to make the orbs on her body a bit pearly so it stands out from the rest of the material.

Unfortunately I find Gozer REALLY small. Wha..? She’s shorter than Dana? I guess the old NECA Gozer will still be the best Gozer in my collection.

She comes with optional hands that have electric blast effects, to recreate that scene from the movie.

The tooling for the mid-torso joints work well. It doesn’t stick out so much even at play.

Terror Dog Build-A-Figure (Vinz Clortho)

This is supposed to be Vinz Clortho, the Keymaster. Vinz is one of two demi-god minions (the other being Zuul) who will perform a ritual which will bring Gozer into a dimension.

To distinguish Zuul from Vinz, the former actually has shorter horns and Vinz has longer horns.

I decided not to get the SDCC 2019 “Louis Tully and Terror Dog” set, since the creature in that set is also Vinz and not Zuul (the head needs to have shorter horns), so it would just be double dipping into the same character as far as the Terror Dogs go.

The full wave


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