Gi Joe 30th Anniversary Wave 4 ~ G.I. Joe Renegades Part 3

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Gi Joe 30th Anniversary Wave 4 ~ G.I. Joe Renegades Part 3

-Law and Order
-30th Anniversary Lifeline
-30th Anniversary Sci-Fi
-Zombie Viper

G.i. Joe Renegades Airtight

Airtight was one of my favorite figures back in the day

Removable helmet

Optional Oxygen tank

Containment unit?

H.E.C.R. – Hazardous Environment Containment Rifle

Shotgun! I’m so happy Hasbro included a decent weapon for this figure, unlike in the vintage line all he had was the HECR… fat good that does against a whole mess of Cobras. 🙂

G.i. Joe Renegades Law and Order

Law here isn’t exactly what I hoped for in terms of 30th Anniversary accuracy, but he does come from the Renegades cartoon so it’s still good (at least he isn’t a concept character like the ROC figure).

With Order and Riot helmet gear

For an MP he certainly comes with a ridiculous amount of guns.

Do note the pistol and silencer in his leg, these are removable and might tend to become lost if you’re not paying attention.

Order – he does have some neck articulation but I hate that the leash is permanently fixed on.

Slap the cuffs on!

Anyone else notice he looks exactly like the late Jack Lord? The star of the original Hawaii Five-O series? Even the lines on the forehead are a match.

…then again, the vintage Law figure always reminded me of a young, happy Dan Aykroyd

G.i. Joe 30th Anniversary Lifeline

I never was much of a fan of Lifeline’s character. As Beach Head once said in the series “Pacifists in G.i. Joe? What’s happening to this outfit?” It did make for some funny moments in the show though (like how Beach Head and the Joes told him to walk right up to a couple of Vipers as a distraction)

….but all that’s changed now.. Lifeline’s finally a man of action! Wonder what happened to him? Dr. Mindbender maybe? Lol…



Removable Para-Helmet and syringe.

Medic Bag has removable shock paddles and IV bag. Nice..

Stretcher, Oxygen mask and IV line.

G.i. Joe 30th Anniversary Sci-Fi

Sci-fi was always one of those figures I wanted to get back in the day but my folks wouldn’t buy me one. Haha… but now….finally!

Removable Helmet

Optional head with blast shield helmet down.

Argon-burst rifle can be stored on the backpack.

I’m really, really glad these figures came out, I think this satisfies a lot of fans who have been clamoring for more 25th styled figures. Now to hope they make the remaining fan-favorite characters ….


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