GiJoe Complete Collection DVD Set.

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GiJoe Complete Collection DVD Set.

Heavy case (foot locker?) opens up as a “ command console” of sorts.

Lifting up the console reveals the DVDs, the manual/guidebook and the 1GB GiJoe dogtag/Flashdrive with 2 GiJoe Comic scans.

There are 17 DVDs, containing all 95 Sunbow GiJoe episodes, the DIC Joe episodes are not included here.


The DVDs are printed with various character art from the toy packagings.

Hehe, I almost freaked for a moment when I saw this, it turns out the Movie disc isn’t included in the set but they put in an empty tray for it anyway.

A great set for $145, but unfortunately, this is not available outside of the US. Thanks to a good friend for ordering me this.


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