Good Smile Nendroid No. 1084 – Ryo Saeba

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Good Smile Nendroid No. 1084 – Ryo Saeba

The back of the manual has English instructions.

Display base – absolutely necessary, since Nendroids have large heads and ridiculously small feet, this is the only way to get the figure to stand.

Created by Tsukasa Hojo, City Hunter is about the adventures of a “Sweeper” (a professional likened private detective) named Ryo Saeba. Ryo worked originally with his partner Hideyuki Makimura, until the latter was murdered while working on a case. Ryo then partners with Hideyuki’s adopted sister, Kaori and together they work on special cases from various clients, usually only accepting the case if the client is a pretty woman (much to Kaori’s chagrin).

Ryo comes with alternate arms.

The “pocket hands” don’t quite land flush, so it’s a matter of perspective to get the whole effect to work.

One of the best things about the series is the comedy factor. Too bad this set doesn’t come with a “pervert” face for the figure, but he does come with a “terrified” face (it’ll come in handy when we get the Nendroid Kaori later on).

Scared Ryo-chan!!

Happy Ryo-chan!


Last but not least, serious Ryo Saeba.

The figure comes with alternate arms for holding the gun with 2 hands.

He comes with effects parts, just remove the stick and plug the “smoke” into the barrel of the magnum.

Overall, a great set, I really wish Bandai or Figma releases a proper, non-SD Ryo and Kaori though. Hot Toys released a Ryo Saeba a while back but it didn’t produce Kaori (only Saeko) so it seems missing. Maybe one day…

Hanging out with my friends and laughing out loud while watching (non-translated) City Hunter episodes on Laser Discs, one of the best memories during my high school years. Thanks Saeba!


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