Gundam Build Fighters R1 Bluray

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Gundam Build Fighters R1 Bluray

I really loved the Gundam Build Fighters series. Personally I think it’s among one of the best, as it has some really good soundtracks and the show never got boring as far as Season 1 is concerned.

I had been waiting for an English Dubbed version of this for sometime so I could watch it with my kids (they’re not quite at the age to read subtitles fast enough), it’s a shame Bandai went with reusing the Asian English dubbed audio instead of hiring an all new American cast to dub the series into English for the R1 release. Ah well… It’s not all bad. Some of the voice work is really decent (the male dub work is good, the female voices are pretty bad though).

The set comes with no inserts or anything.

The set features some interesting special features, namely textless opening and closing credits, trailers for the series (Japanese audio with subtitles only) and the “Battle Selection” mode, which is just a splice of the best mecha battles in the whole season, without the “human” scenes, run on a single track (you can’t skip to specific battles). All the features are available only on the 3rd disc.

My kids enjoyed it a lot! Lol… the marathoned the whole Season 1 in 2 days. I didn’t think they would enjoy it that much. I’m still deciding on getting Season 2 (GBF Try) as I didn’t love it as much as S1. Hmm…


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