Gundam Universe God Gundam

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Gundam Universe God Gundam

The main mech of the G Gundam series, the God Gundam piloted by Domon Kasshu representing Neo Japan in the 13th Gundam Fight competition.

This figure was actually included as part of a bundle for purchasing the Soul of Chogokin Black Wing locally, this is my first Gundam Universe figure.

The set is very limited in options as a way of keeping the cost down (the Gundam Universe line is meant to be a budget-friendly action figure series for collectors), as such the God Gundam does NOT come with any removable functional beam sabers. They’re sculpted as a part of his skirt plates.

God Gundam stands roughly 6.25 inches tall.

Gundam Fight, ready, go!!

The figure sports some basic articulation and paint, but it’s mostly unpainted.

Just like in the anime, his wings open up when he’s about to do his ultimate attacks. Sadly, the set doesn’t have a proper Core Fighter c0ckpit, even though his wings and backpack are removable.

To do his God Finger attack, you have to swap out his right hand and chest pieces. Sadly, Bandai didn’t include a halo effect for the wings, so the impact is kinda lost.

“God Finger!!!”

Overall, I guess not bad, considering the low price I got for it. Though admittedly, I wouldn’t pay full SRP for it. It does have some decent playability and you can pose him nicely enough on a shelf. But I do wish it came with the halo for its wing to complete the look. It seems really lacking without the halo effects part.


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