Hasbro Amazing Spiderman 6” Movie figures

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Amazing Spiderman 6” Movie figures

Ultimates/Miles Morales Spiderman

I was fortunate to come across this set in GH, as I’m not sure if this wave is still coming locally since the movie has come and gone. The price for the figures was roughly the same price as the Avengers 6” series when they hit the malls, so I figured why not? 🙂

Super Articulated movie Amazing Spiderman

“Rocker” ankle joints

The likeness isn’t half bad, the problem is the joints feel… weak. The elbow joints in particular feel too bendy, especially if you consider the tight ratchet joints add more stress to the peg.

I love that this figure comes with three web lines, Hasbro sure was generous with the accessories this time around, compared to what we got with the Avengers 6”

The Lizard

Note: I realize that the tail actually has a joint but it kinda feels wrong when I place the tail in that way, it seems like he has a third leg in there. So I put the tail in the way it is. The Lizard cannot stand without his tail as his feet are small.

He comes with a couple of lizards too, too bad they didn’t do anything in the movie except maybe let Spidey know where the lair was. Back in the old cartoons, Lizard could control other reptiles (even alligators) and sic ‘em on Spidey.

The Lizard is really huge!

It’s too bad the headsculpt looks this way, like he’s in the middle of a yawn or something. Gritting teeth would’ve been better.

New Ultimates universe Spiderman – Miles Morales

I can’t say I particularly like the take of this figure, Miles is supposed to be what, 14? This figure looks like he’s on steroids.. worse, he’s got really, really small feet. What gives?

Miles comes with Webshield accessory.

Borrowing a webline from the Super Articulated Spidey.


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