Hasbro Marvel Legends Series 2 -Blob Series

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Hasbro Marvel Legends Series 2 -Blob Series
-Lord of Asgard Thor
-Ultimate Wolverine
-Xmen-Last Stand (Movie) Jean Grey
-Xmen-Last Stand (Movie) Juggernaut

Hasbro Marvel Legends series 2

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She Hulk

Hehe, at least Hasbro made her taller than the regular female figures.


Based on when Odin (Thor’s father) died and Thor received the Odin Power and became even more powerful. The axe belongs to one of his foes, the Executioner, whom Thor defeated and took his enchanted axe as a trophy.

The cape can be removed but putting it back in is a big headache. I don’t recommend taking it off.

Not as posey as I had hoped, the legs seem a bit difficult to pose at times.

With the Walmart series Thor.

The Blob

Group pic


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