Hasbro Spider-man Classics Series

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Spider-man Classics reissued Campbell Spider-man and Thunderbolts Venom.

The New Venom. That’s actually the Scorpion in there and not Eddie Brock (Brock auctioned off the symbiote to pay for Cancer therapy). Though not exactly spot on to the comic look (eyes are different in the comic), the blue highlights are really nice, I think I like this more than the original Toybiz release.

The “reissued” Macfarlane/JS Campbell look super posey Spider-man.

Choose your ending.

Spider-man Classics Tarantula.

Man.. the early gripes about this figure being small weren’t fooling around. The line’s beginning to shrink!

Tarantula comes with 2 “openable” crates. I believe these were originally released with earlier Spider-man figures.

Tarantula is an accomplished athelete and martial artist. He also comes with pointy choos, er, shoes. .. He has on more than one occasion fought Spider-man and Captain America. There have been several people who have taken up the identity of Tarantula in the Marvel Universe.

Spider-man Scorpion-Venom.

After Eddie Brock sold his symbiote to pay for his cancer therapy, the symbiote found its way into the hands of another of Spidey’s foes, the Scorpion. Spidey once referred to the new creature as “Venorpion”, and new Venom was also part of the Sinister Twelve and later on became part of the Thunderbolts team.

The tail is optional, and in the comics it has only appeared once, with new Venom usually being shown tail-less. I opted to not attach the tail for fear that I might not be able to remove it once I plug it in. The tail is multi-jointed.

The most obvious difference with Eddie Brock’s incarnation of Venom is the new eyes.

Funny but this is actually the best Venom figure out there, too bad it’s not Eddie Brock.

Hasbro Spider-man 6″ Lizard.

Head and tail articulation

Unless I’m mistaken, this Lizard is loosely based on the Ultimate Universe version, due to the Basilisk lizard headfin.


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