Hasbro Spiderman Origins

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Hasbro Spiderman Origins

Heroes Series
-Spiderman 2099
-Iron Spiderman
-Secret Wars Spiderman (black costume)

Back in Black! This is his current costume in the comics, following the events of Civil War, where Aunt May got shot by a sniper and is in critical condition, Peter decides to wear the black costume to reflect his anger and go after the hitman and his boss(the Kingpin). The figure is a repaint of the previously released version by Toybiz.

Iron Spiderman

Tailor-made by Tony Stark for Peter to help him fight for his Pro-Registration cause for the Civil War saga. The costume has multiple abilities, including steath camoflauge, the ability to change appearance at Peter’s will(it can even look like the old costumes) enhanced speed and strength, nose filters, various types of enhanced vision and three tentacled stingers.

Of course the colors were matched to look like Ironman’s color scheme… Later on it was revealed that Tony was actually using the suit to spy on Peter, it was through the suit that Tony Stark learned of Peter’s Spider-sense(something only Aunt May and Mary Jane know about).

Good thing the tentacles can be removed with a simple flat screwdriver.

Spiderman 2099

From an alternate future timeline, Miguel O’Hara was granted the powers of his hero Spiderman through a freak genetics accident. The unfortunate side effect of said accident also gave him red corneas and fangs on his teeth, so he rarely goes out in public. He also has enhanced vision and venom bite powers, something the original Spiderman didn’t have.

Later on, his identity would be exposed to the public, he will leave his era and would join the super hero group The Exiles, on various alternate reality hopping adventures.

Villains Series
-Venom (Thunderbolts)
-Spiderman Classics The Lizard

While it may be just a simple repaint of the first Toybiz Spiderman Classics Hobgoblin, it’s a entirely different character. It’s the demon that seperated from the “possessed” Jason Macendale Hobgoblin(the fourth man to assume the mantle) and continued to exist by itself. Eventually the Demogoblin died saving a child it deemed “innocent” from a burning building.


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