Hasbro’s 2008 Movie Hulk figure series

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Hasbro’s 2008 Movie Hulk figure


I decided on going with the “Steel Beam Weapon” Hulk since it’s more articulated (no “action feature” hindrances) and for the most part of the movie, Hulk’s pants are blue I think (jeans, though it changes to dark purple at times, depending on the lighting in the movie, but when he’s in the spotlights, it’s blue.)

Leave me alone….

RRaaaarghhhhh!!! Hulk Smash!!!!

Well, Hulk’s pretty small, I don’t know, I guess maybe he is meant for the 3 and 3/4 scaled figures.

With movie Iron Man (note how short he is)

With Toybiz’s Face off Hulk.

With the HulkBuster Iron Man .

Rraaargh!! Hulk crush puny Fedora hat man….

Movie Abomination.

I couldn’t believe it at first, but they managed to design a figure that looked more like mutated poop than DC’s Clayface!

With Toybiz’s Abomination.

Abomination is bigger than Hulk.

Rarrgh….Uhh… Hulk smash?

Funfact: in the comics, Emil Blonsky/ the Abomination is dead, recently killed by the new Red Hulk (not Bruce Banner), when Red Hulk beat him senseless and then drew a special SHIELD gun and shot the poor soul several times in the face at point blank.

Hulk Movie Mutating Bruce to Hulk.

Ed Norton here is roughly about Gijoe sized, but the sculpt is horrible and what’s with the huge hips?? In this modern age of awesome Gashapons and great detailed figures, Hasbro is really slacking off the job.. big time!

Hulk’s back opens up.

First we crack the shell.. then we crack the nuts inside!

This Hulk doesn’t really have much articulation, just rotating shoulders and lower calves and head.

With the other “Super Posey” Hulk.

Hasbro Hulk Movie IronClad and Bi-Beast

Hulk Movie Ironclad and Bi-Beast.

These never made it to our shores. These figures are based from their appearances in the Hulk Movie Game for the consoles


The spring gimmick is located in his backbone.

…unfortunately, this makes his shoulders really, really loose. It’s hard to get Bi-Beast to raise his arms and hold it in this position.

With Movie Hulk.

IronClad here is from the U-Foes, a foursome band of villains exposed to cosmic rays (kinda like the Fantastic Four) and gained freakish powers.

IronClad comes with a piece of pavement.

Similar with Bi-Beast, Ironclad can’t really hold much of a pose due to the spring gimmick in his shoulders for “one-two-punch” action. Sigh.

Hulk (movie line) Villains so far.

The figures aren’t really small, they’re just about the same size as a standard Marvel Legends figure.

But they’re not exactly inscale with the ML Hulk though.


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