Haslab G.i. Joe Classified Cobra HISS Tank

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Haslab G.i. Joe Classified Cobra HISS Tank

G.i. Joe Classified # 99 Cobra HISS Driver
G.i. Joe Classified # 100 Cobra HISS Tactician
G.i. Joe Classified # 101 Cobra HISS Gunner
G.i. Joe Classified Retro Carded Cobra Commander
G.i. Joe Classified Cobra HISS Tank

The box is huge and heavy!! The specs are all clearly printed in front. The box spans 23.25 x 14.375 x 13.125 inches in dimension.

Secondary inner box (without any print)

Solid plastic corner protectors on all 8 corners of the secondary box to protect it from being damaged.

The main box is protected by huge plastic baggie.

The tank requires 3x AA batteries to run the electronics.

Lol… no Joe!

The set contains two box trays. The thinner one up top has the figures and manual. While the big, chunky box has the HISS Tank.

The Tactician’s box has Ron Rudat’s autograph. He’s the fellow who designed the HISS Tank as well as the Cobra logo back in the day.

Man, the inner trays look really good when they’re colored. It’s a shame we only get black and white prints with the mass retail releases.

Interestingly, the footlockers open from the sides now, as opposed to their original “chest type” design.

The contents still feature the same paper baggies as the mass retail releases though.

G.i. Joe Classified # 99 Cobra HISS Driver

Chosen from the best among Cobra’s recruits, these vehicle drivers are selected for their strength and dedication to the Cobra organization. Specially trained in Advanced Weapons Training and battle tactics, these troops will hold nothing back to destroy G.i. Joe.

While the body armor looks large, it doesn’t really get in the way of the mid-torso ab crunch joint.

The figure’s right arm comes with a detailed gauntlet for ..? Maybe remote controlling the HISS Tank?

For weaponry, the Driver figure comes with a sidearm that can be holstered on his right leg.

For more firepower, the Driver comes with a rifle.

Removable ammo mag, as always.

Unfortunately, the grip is a bit too small for the figure, it ends up popping out of his hand and all you’re left with is the figure holding it by just its thumb and index finger.

Lastly, the set comes with these alternate gloves, I’m not sure what they’re for, but they seem like they’re for heavy insulation? To equip them on the figure, you’ll need to also remove the gauntlet accessory on the right arm.

G.i. Joe Classified # 100 Cobra HISS Tactician

Unlocked as an early bird bonus, the HISS Tactician could only be unlocked if the minimum 8,000 order was achieved within a week from the launch of the crowd funded campaign, which began on June 29, 2022.

The figure is a straight up redeco of the HISS Driver. Backers were given the choice to vote for which deco design the Tactician would have, based on Ron Rudat’s original alternate decos for the HISS Driver.

Since the figure is the same as the Driver, it also comes with the same gear, albeit with some modified deco.


G.i. Joe Classified # 101 Cobra HISS Gunner

Unlocked as part of the third tier of bonuses for the HISS Tank at 14,000 backers, along with the HISSRUPTOR ZX-5 Blasters and Twin HISSINTEGRATOR Cannon, the HISS Gunner features the same uniform design as the HISS Driver.

She also comes with her own petite version of the controller gauntlet.

She comes with the most accessories amongst the three figures in this set. Starting with her own sidearm pistol.

She also comes with the same rifle as the other two HISS personnel, but thanks to her smaller hand, the grip fits perfectly this time around.

Lastly, she comes with a heavy-duty automatic shotgun.

Removable ammo drum

Awww, so sorry boys, Cobra gave me the baddest gun!

The set also provides some added tools for the Gunner as well, starting with … a shovel..?

Guess it’s her turn to dig the latrines?

Cobra also gave her a giant hammer to work with.

Lol… the perfect tool for knocking some sense into some wiseguys.

The 788 HISS Tank crew!

Everybody gloves up!

Err… now what do we do?

Looking at this scale, I can’t help but think of an older brother with a younger sister.

-“My little sister.”
-“Hai, onii-chan.”

Oh, no! Enter the best friend who tries to date the younger sister!


I think I’ve been watching too much rom-com Anime…

G.i. Joe Classified Retro Carded Cobra Commander was the final bonus unlock for the HISS Tank campaign at 16,000 backers. I personally think Haslab wasn’t expecting the set to sell as crazy as it did and this figure was a last-minute addition to thank the fans on blowing past the campaign minimum requirements in record time. Pretty neat.

He comes with a decent amount of stuff.

His Cobra symbol pays homage to the “Mickey Mouse” rounded Cobra logo design from the early release versions of the original vintage 80’s figure.

I’m still on the fence as to whether I’ll open this guy up or not, since it has been confirmed that we’re getting a retro carded release for Cobra Commander, presumably with the correct Cobra logo on his body? Time will tell.

Cobra HISS Tank

According to the specs mentioned on the back of the box, the HISS Tank spans 19.6 x 11.5 inches in dimension.

The first G.i. Joe Classified-scale Haslab project, the High-Speed Sentry (HISS) Tank required a minimum of 8,000 backers to go into production by August 15, 2022. The project ended with over 26,000 backers and was released in the fall of 2023.

Great paint details on the tank.

Lol… so we can finally now make out what the decals were saying in this section of the vintage tank. (Click to view larger image)

Extendable cockpit boarding ladder.

Beautiful texturing on the driver’s seat.

The seatbelt unhooks like so.

“Gull-wing” canopy doors.

Surprisingly, the joysticks and accelerator handle are moveable!! This feature isn’t mentioned in the manual. Very nice surprise here.

Sigh… because I have crappy luck at times, my unit came with a warped canopy. The right door won’t close flush no matter what I do. I wonder if I can heat it up and fix it? Hopefully the store where I got this from can order replacement parts.

Instrument panel detail.

D’oh! I forgot to take a photo of the removeable engine cover and main engine. I’ll try to add this image down the road when I open up the HISS Tank again.

Connection ports on the sides for the Mounted Missile Racks with 6 MALHISS missiles.

MALHISS missiles – the first unlockable tier in the Haslab HISS Tank campaign, the MALHISS Missile system was unlocked at 10,000 backers.

Each missile is mounted on these pegs. If you got the 788 fireteam set, it comes with effects parts that you can use to simulate the MALHISS missiles firing.

The Double “Diablo” Cannons – Part of the base offering for the HISS Tank at 8,000 backers, the Double Diablo Cannons are a staple for the HISS Tank’s weaponry.

The set also comes with an optional blast shield for protecting the Gunner.

HISSRUPTOR ZX-5 blaster – unlocked as a part of the third tier at 14,000 backers alongside the HISS Gunner figure, the HISSRUPTORS are added onto the sides of the HISS Tank’s Double Diablo Cannons. They even come with removable ammo drums.

It’s a shame the gunner’s controls don’t come with a monitor or something for her to look at.

Twin HISSINTEGRATOR Cannon – also unlocked at 14,000 backers with the HISSRUPTOR and Gunner, the Twin HISSINTEGRATOR Cannon connects underneath the c0ckpit of the HISS Tank.

Deployable tow hook in the rear of the tank.

Foldable tail board for when the rear cargo door descends.

HISS Tank interior -features adjustable chair.

Seating for the Tactician.

Weapons rack – Do note that the rack is actually removable (not mentioned in the manual). So you can remove the rack, place the guns and accessories (shovel, hammer) in and put it back into the interior for easier loading.

I got lazy… lol…

The gunner’s seat can actually be removed so you can place the Gunner in position properly.

The tank operates on 3x AA batteries. The compartment is located underneath the tank.

The switch is located underneath the c0ckpit of the tank. Pressing the button repeatedly through 9 cycles will change the lighting effect on the tank. If the tank is left alone for 10 minutes, the set automatically switches off to conserve the batteries.

I really, really love the details on the instrument panels especially when they light up!!! Haslab outdid themselves here!!

A little secret not mentioned in the manual, when you hold down the switch for the electronics for more than two seconds, the unit goes into “Display Mode”. All of the lights on the tank will automatically turn on and off every few seconds for 10 minutes (or until you choose to press the button again to deactivate it)! Pretty cool discovery by fans on the internet.

Cobra Convoy Lights

Interior lighting for the cargo area.

So according to the Haslab HISS Tank page, the new HISS Tank is outfitted lights that are “Illuminator Intimidator” rays created by Dr. Mindbender. These send anyone that crosses the path of the beams cowering with fear,

Cobra insignia beacon

Headlights and fog lights



Unlocked as part of the second tier for this set at 12,000 backers, these bonus pieces are used to recreate an alternative, Retro-styled HISS Tank. They include the canopy and armor plating skirts.

Cobra HISS Tank 788 Mark-1 GH7-c Rolling out!

-Removable engine cover behind the canopy.
-Removable weapons rack in the interior
-Moving joystick and accelerator controls inside the c0ckpit.
-Secret “display mode” option for the electronics. Hold down the button for 2 seconds and watch the lights go into “autopilot”, turning on and off every few seconds for 10 minutes.

Overall, an insane amount of detail in this set!!! The price for this thing is very, very well worth it!! There’s just soooo much going on from the get go, it’s crazy! Plus, there are a lot of secret details that were not mentioned in the manual. A very, very splendid set. The Haslab Joe brand team really went above and beyond for this project and it shows.

My only real gripe is that I wish the canopy was packaged better. My warped gull-wing canopy kind of ruined the vibe when I got to assembling the thing. Sigh…

Now to hope that the Haslab Dragonfly will be on par or better!

Hasbro’s oddball codename for this entire set is Whitman.


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