HLPro Metaltech 13 Gon Gon

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HLPro Metaltech 13 Gon Gon

The set comes packaged with an outer plastic baggie.

I went with the metallic version since it resembles the animation model colors more closely than the regular release.

Appearing in Episode 34 of the original 1975 Grendizer TV series, the Gon Gon is piloted by Commander Gaus, an honorable soldier from the planet Wolf conscripted by the Vegans to destroy Grendizer in exchange for his planet’s freedom. A fast and nearly indestructible machine, the Gon Gon outclassed Grendizer and easily defeated the hero in their first encounter.

Gon Gon stands roughly 6.5 inches and weighs 287 Grams.

Diecast parts include
–Whole torso (excluding the large chest plate)
–Lower legs

The added page to the manual states that the bladed arm is just one whole piece from the elbow down, so avoid twisting it at the wrist level, as it will break the blade off.

The hip plates for Gon Gon are not pre-attached so you will have peg them on yourself. Take care to note that the pegs are plastic and the fit is INSANELY tight. I actually broke my peg off and had to tape it back together and super glue it.

The proper way to insert the peg would be to take the figure apart by unscrewing the waist halves, then grabbing the dumbbell pegs. Using a pair of needlenose pliers, push the peg in vertically into the hip plates. Since the pegs are so fragile, this also means that it is a one-way insertion and that when you return the figure to the package, you will have to unscrew the waist halves again and extract the hip plates out. I think this is the best way to avoid breakage.

The good news is, I was able to contact HL-Pro through their website to request replacement parts and they actually replied right away. I was really impressed with that. I wish all toy companies had that kind of international customer post sales service. A big thank you to the folks over at HL-Pro for their very, very professional service.

If anyone needs help for replacing any broken hip plates for Gon Gon, just reach out to HL-Pro at


The figure’s only real accessory, a spare “open” left hand.

Aside from its large blade arm, which also acts as the unit’s shield, the Gon Gon also fires powerful eye beams, as well as an intense laser which fires from a slit below the unit’s mouthpiece/ c0ckpit.

Aside from its various beam attacks, the Gon Gon’s chest plate is also capable of releasing a large charge of beam energy on its target.

But without a doubt, Gon Gon’s best advantages are its impressive speed coupled with its dense armor. Grendizer’s weapons could hardly even do anything against it.

In the end, Gon Gon was defeated after Commander Gaus realized that defeating Grendizer would not bring his dead world back. He hardly fights back against Grendizer during their rematch and Duke Fleed manages to take an opening in Gon Gon’s defenses, carving Grendizer’s Double Harken into the Gon Gon’s c0ckpit canopy, impaling the Wolf Commander inside.

I think this is probably the smallest box we’ve ever gotten for the Metaltech line? It’s kinda cute.

Overall, a decent done figure. While this figure doesn’t really offer anything super impressive, it’s still got the same diecast content and detail we’ve all come to enjoy from this toyline which is focused solely on Grendizer’s enemy robots. I also think they’ve managed to actually improve their paint quality as well? The metallic pearlescent finish on this figure is really nice.

The biggest issue is obviously attaching the hip plates, so one does have to be careful about that to avoid breakage, that aside, I’m happy with my purchase.

Actually, now that I think about it, it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from the Metaltech line (since 2019’s King Gori release), so it is a pleasant surprise to see them back in action 4 years later. I hope we get more iconic Saucer Beast mecha to pair up against Grendizer down the road.


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