Hot Toys 1/6 City Hunter Ryo Saeba

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Hot Toys 1/6 City Hunter Ryo Saeba

Ryo Saeba

Finally!!! I’ve been waiting for more than decade for someone to make a City Hunter action figure. I love the comedy on this show! 🙂

Although Ryo’s Magnum doesn’t come with any removable bullets, the revolver cylinder can be popped out to simulate bullet reloading.

Trench Coat

Shoulder Holster

Sniper Rifle

I could be wrong but I think the black Magnum is supposed to be a Smith and Weston Magnum 41, model 58, from the Vol.5 issue story “One out of One Thousand” (Saeko’s first appearance). Ryo’s standard gun is a .44 Magnum. To read the Manga go here:

Display stand

Last but not least, the infamous “Mokkori” head, and brassier accessory.

GIF animation

Headswap required

As much as I love this figure, it’s not perfect, the face sculpt seems… off. I guess 2D doesn’t translate into 3D well enough? I wish Hot Toys would give a more accurate looking head later, along with a Kaori figure (I passed on Saeko).


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