Hot toys “Movie Masterpiece Series” No. 13 Batman Begins 12 inch figure

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Hot toys “Movie Masterpiece Series” No. 13 Batman Begins 12 inch figure. Limited to 1200 pieces produced

Box comes with an outer box with “prism” type print.


fifth panel

write up

Certificate(got number unit number 750 of 1100)

Batman comes with five sets of extra hands, two Batarangs, one smoke mine and gas propelled grapple gun and display stand.

A lot of great detail on this toy

Hehe, they even sculpted in the “cell phone” Batman uses to call Alfred. It’s not removable from the belt but the belt can be removed, I’m just not sure exactly how(you can move it around Batman’s waist)

The cape can even wrap around the figure.

While the inner skeleton of the figure is very posey, the rubber suit restricts a lot of the figure’s movements. But thankfully it can still do this pose:

Bat Smoke bomb

Batarangs(they are a PAIN to attach to the belt, they just keep falling off, there is no way to attach them securely )

Display stand(the “ring” goes on only thigh level high.)


Of course the reason why I skipped the Takara version is because the Hot toys version can do this pose and the Takara can’t(the Takara’s arms can’t stretch forward )

The “looking cool” pose

That’s a REALLY big cape


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