Hotwheels Elite 1:18 Ghostbusters Ecto-1

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Hotwheels Elite 1:18 Ghostbusters Ecto-1

The roof’s “accessories” are packed on the top half of the Styrofoam tray.

When unboxing, prepare a good screwdriver. Man, those locking screws were TIGHT!!! Not to mention long.

I was checking Youtube when I came across reviews for this toy.

At first, I thought the vehicle came with working lights. Turns out the Youtube reviewer customized his unit. I only realized this after spending 15 minutes looking for an “on” switch for the vehicle, when there was none… Duuuuh.

The Ecto-1 has some incredible details. But as such, it has some fragile pieces in there as well, I recommend handling with care.

See those windshield wipers? They are made with fine wire..

…. As is this tiny antenna. Be very careful not to bend it.

When opening the doors, use the door handles, do not tug the windows as those feel a bit fragile and might break.


Working front axel(it’s not connected to the steering wheel or anything though).

Instrument panel.

Pull-out modified stretcher for the Proton Packs.

Note that the stretcher’s wheels are sculpted and do not actually “wheel”. The stretcher does not expand either.

Roof gadgets and doodads. The turret can swivel.

Excellent details on the headlights.

Now.. given that this was 1:18, I was hoping it would be in scale with most 3.75” figures. From the outset, it looks like it might work.

But… the figures can’t fit inside.

…. Maybe M.A.S.K. figures might fit in.

Still, it’s an awesome representation of a classic iconic movie vehicle, definitely surpasses the older one done by Joyride Studios ( sorry, forgot to take a pic of the two together). But the price is not cheap, it costs around $140 and this is technically a reissue as the first version sold out a year ago (I don’t think there are any differences with this one and the first release though)


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