Igear Mini Warriors (Minibots)

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Igear Mini Warriors MW -05 Cogs (Gears)

Not too shabby but I wish the colors were darker.

Alternate between G1 toy or Cartoon-accurate heads.

Igear Mini Warriors MW -06 Duneraker (Beach Comber)

The sculpt’s not too bad, but geez, the light blue color is so wrong, not what I was expecting.

He comes with a rifle.

Igear threw in a “flower” for Duneraker, to make him more “hip” as a peace-lover…. lol…

Igear Mini Warriors MW -07 Veer (Swerve)

Rotate the head to reveal G1 toy or Cartoon accurate head.

Again… the colors are terrible. I think Igear’s just milking the mold before releasing “show accurate” color versions of these guys… sigh.

They do seem to be in scale with Masterpieces though.

Igear Mini Warriors MW -08 Bushwhacker (Outback)

Crap… unpainted front window… luck of the draw.

Rotate the head to reveal G1 toy or Cartoon accurate head.

I preordered this before I realized the colors were not G1 accurate. He should be brown.

Overall, I’m very disappointed with this line, if I had know the colors would be so far off from the characters there were based off, I would’ve dumped the line and went after the Maketoys figures of the Minibots…. I’ll probably sell these down the road if I can.


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