Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark Cargo Truck

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Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark Cargo Truck

Inner tray pulls out to become diorama, but cutting off excess flaps is required. I didn’t go through with it.

This was a good find at the Collecticon, The truck is currently repainted and was used as a JoeCon 2012 exclusive for the Oktober Guard.

There are 2 variations of this vehicle, one with a cloth tarp and a plastic tarp. This is the plastic one.

Truck features collapsible front grill, to simulate the scene where Indy nearly falls off in the Raiders of the Lost Ark chase scene. Pressing the hood ornament releases the grill.

Indy’s whip is fixed onto the rear axle, so you can pretend dragging Indy across the floor.

I’m not really an Indiana Jones collector, but this vehicle fits really well for 3.75″ figures.

The vehicle can hold around 16 figures. 8 in the cargo area, 2 in front, 2 on the roof and 4 on the sides.

With the tarp on, it’s a bit of a squeeze to keep everyone sitting down.

Front seats

Figures hang onto the sides of the tarp through notches, as there are no footpegs to plug into, only slots for the tips of their feet.

2 figures can be seated up top.

I really like it. The vehicle is big and the scale looks great next to 3.75″ figures.


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