Indiana Jones (Temple Escape)

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Indiana Jones (Temple Escape)

Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones, Jr. is a professor of archaeology teaching at “Marshall College”. An adventurer at heart, “Indy” goes on “research expeditions” (treasure hunts) funded by the university to find long lost artifacts that belonged to ancient civilizations.

While it’s cool to finally get a 6-inch modern Indiana Jones figure, I wish it came with double jointed elbows and knees. The figure only has single joints.

Indy’s revolver can be holstered.

The bullwhip is supposed to be “looped” around his belt, unfortunately, the little nub that’s supposed to hold the strap in place is just terribly executed and won’t lock into place. Sigh…

“The Man in the Hat”.

It’s a shame the figure’s hat doesn’t actually come off.

Indy comes with his trusty revolver.

Hmm.. the likeness of actor Harrison Ford isn’t quite right for this figure.

Of course, Indiana Jones won’t be the same without his iconic bullwhip.

This set also comes with the Peruvian Golden Idol and temple pedestal from the opening act of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

Lastly, the set comes with the “bag of sand” Indy uses to swap out for the weight of the idol (which doesn’t work, lol.. )

Overall, a pretty decent set. But for the size of the box and the slightly high SRP, this set should’ve come with a big boulder to roll after Indy. Still, the whole set is pretty iconic. I gladly choose this set over the regular single pack release anyday, just for the added props.


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