Iron Man 2 – Hall of Armor figures

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Iron Man 2 Hall of Armor figures

The display base backdrop can be taken apart.

Switch settings are “on”, “off” and “try me”

The bases do interlock but sadly, it makes the platform’s triangle off-centered.

The bases are stackable but I wouldn’t recommend stacking beyond 3 levels, the lack of front section support makes it a bit unstable.

Mark IV

War Machine

The HOA War Machine doesn’t come with the shoulder missile pack, which is alright since he doesn’t have a shoulder missile pack in the movie.

The shoulder pads also tend to pop off, take note that you have to push them back in downwards and not sideways, I did it wrong and now War Machine has a stress mark on the shoulder pad. Grr.

Mark VI

Comparisons with Mark IV and VI

Comparisons with Mark VI from the HOA line and the single carded figure (on the right). The single carded figure quality is horrible!!

Iron Man and War Machine


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