Iron Man 2 ~ The Mark IV Armor

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Iron Man Mark IV Armor

The 6″ Mark IV armor finally arrived locally. With the “drunk and hung-over” Tony Stark head.

Sadly, the shades cannot be removed and for good reason, Hasbro did not paint the eyes. Sigh.

Helmet is attached via headswap.

Again, Hasbro is compelled for whatever strange reason to include the “cotton candy launcher” with their 6″ figures. Give it a rest Hasbro, no one likes it!

With the Mark VI. The Mark IV is an obivious repaint/retool with only the chest plate being different (not that I’m complaning. )

With the Mark V (sorry, tried as I could, I couldn’t get the legs on the Mark V to come together so he looks shorter due to the wider leg stance).

With the old Mark III from Iron man 1, thank goodness Hasbro is improving their sculpting.


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