Iron Man 3 – 3.75″ Assemblers figures

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Iron Man 3 – 3.75″ Mark 42

Iron Man 3 – 3.75″ Iron Patriot

Sheesh, these are too pricey. I don’t know if it’s just Hasbro being greedy or if things have really gotten to the point that costs really have hit this high. The figures are somewhat of a disappointment too as far as articulation goes. It’s too bad these are the only Iron Man 3 3.75″ figures out there.

Iron Man 3 Assemblers Starboost Iron Man (Gemini Armor)

This is one of the confirmed armors that appeared in the Ironman 3 “House Party Protocol” final battle scene. Hot Toys is releasing a 12” figure but more cooly named as the Gemini Armor, so if you’re trying to complete the movie armor line, this is a must have.

Iron Man 3 Arc Light Assemblers Boxset
Iron Man 3 Assemblers Silver Centurion Armor
Iron Man 3 Assemblers Striker Armor

Thanks to my buddy, Earl, for the Arc Light Boxset, I didn’t even know it was out.

The Striker Armor bears close resemblance to the Movie Mark 25 (Thumper Armor), so I decided to grab it,

Iron Man 3 Hall of Armor 6-pack

Not exactly part of the Assemblers line but I didn’t feel like creating another topic just for this, since it’s all the same 3.75″ figures anywho.

Good thing I didn’t jump all over this when it first came out, it recently had a 500 PhP price cut at the some of the usual Greenhills stores.

In itself, the set is awful, the figures are poorly painted and the details are just bad. The only saving grace for this set is Tony Stark and a better-articulated Mark 42 (the Assemblers version on had 5 POAs)


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