Iron man Movie Concept Series Part 3

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Iron man Concept Series Hot Zone Armor
Iron man Concept Series Subterranean Armor
Iron man Concept Series Inferno Armor
Iron man Concept Series Satellite Armor (white variant)

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Iron Man Hot Zone Armor.

The Hot Zone Armor is a straight up repaint of the War Machine Armor.

Cotton Candy of death?

I don’t know if this is intentional but they did a terrible, terrible paint job with this toy, the War Machine is supposed to have a “weathered” look I guess but it just looks like a bootleg job on the Hot Zone Armor.

Iron Man Subterranean Armor.

I think by far this is my favorite Concept Armor. Nice colors and design. Unfortunately, yes it’s a repaint of the Heavy Artillery Armor.

The Drill accessory spins.

Iron Man Inferno Armor.

Ho ho, another repaint (see the pattern here? That’s Hasbro for you.) This figure is a repaint of the Stealth Armor Concept Series Iron Man with Atmospheric Diving Armor’s back pack.

Admittedly though this is a nice figure, the clear parts and red color make it better looking than the dull Stealth Armor.

Iron Man Satellite Armor.


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