Iron man Movie Concept series – Part 2

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Ironman Movie Concept series

Heavy Artillery Armor and Blue Iron Monger.

The Heavy Artillery Armor isn’t what I thought it would be. I expected it to be bigger.

I like the bulky proportions though.

Blue Repaint Iron Monger.

The decision to paint him a la “Smurf” is because this is how he appeared in the classic comics (of course he looked more like a giant robot then rather than a giant Ironman, so the look is still inaccurate to the comics).

But it looks good enough to be added into the hall of Armors.

The hatch still has problems and still can’t lock solidly in place.

Ironman Movie Concept series Captain America Armor Ironman.

This variation of the Ironman Armor did appear in the What If Civil War? Comics, Tony died when he was given the Extremists and it was up to Capt to lead all Superheroes against registration with the Government. He donned the Ironman Armor in memory of his friend.

The specs on the back of the card simplified it into saying that Ironman just programmed his armor with Captain America’s fighting moves (it’s easier to explain to a kid I guess. )

The shield is a repaint of the Toybiz Captain America shield.


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