Ironman wave 1.5

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Ironman wave 1.5, featuring Iron Monger unmasked, Titanium Man and Stealth Operations Armor (War Machine)

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Well, sneaky Hasbro has done it again, the wave 1.5 from the Ironman movie line now has the “movie accurate” colors of Iron Monger, plus he’s now unmaskable to boot!

Obadiah Stane. Stane’s head can be pushed down (it has a spring) when covering up the Iron Monger headpiece)

For whatever reason, the original look for Stane on the back of the card looks like Merv Griffin.

Sadly, Stane is a bit small, next to Ironman, kind of like putting a Gijoe next to Ironman. The scale is off.

Iron Monger also has more articulation in the legs and hips compared to the brown version. Unfortunately, he lost his neck articulation(the brown version has neck articulation).

Your services will be no longer required.

Titanium Man appears only in the games, as part of Obidaih Stane’s attempt to steal the Iron Man suit.

Regretably, he’s quite short.

Twin concussion blasts

Stealth Operations Armor (War Machine).

A redeco of the Mark03. This comes with extra shoulder and forearm- mounted weapons. The downside is that the forearm-mounted weapons tend to fall off easily. They do make him look very cool though.


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