Justice League Unlimited 3packs

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Justice League Unlimited 3 packs
–Mr. Miracle, Orion, Darkseid
–Fire, Ice, John Stewart
–Batman Beyond, Old Bruce Wayne, Warhawk
–The Question, Flash, Wonder Woman
–Supergirl, Capt. Atom, Green Lantern
–Superman, Huntress, Galatea
–Cheetah, The Shade, Lex Luthor
–Amanda Waller, General Eiling, Batman
–Apache Chief, Black Vulcan, Samurai
–Blackhawk, Superman, Wonder Woman
–Superman, Livewire, Weather Wizard
–Penguin, Nightwing, Batgirl
–Green Lantern and Manhunters
–Green Lantern, Katma Tui, Despero
–Flash, Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang
–Superman, Metallo, Silver Banshee
–Plasticman, Miracle, Cyborg
–Supergirl, Warlord, Delmos
–Batman, Grey Ghost, Joker
–Mattycollector Exclusive JLU Heatwave, Flash, Mirror Master
–Mattycollector Exclusive JLU Angleman, Firestorm, Killer Frost
–Mattycollector Exclusive JLU Goldface, Evil Star, Kyle Rayner
–Mattycollector Exclusive Animalman, Starman, Adam Strange
–Mattycollector Exclusive Jay Garrrick Flash, Alan Scott Green Lantern, Hawkman
–Mattycollector Exclusive Mongul, Batman, Wonder Woman
–Mattycollector Exclusive Static, Micron, Aquagirl
–Mattycollector Exclusive Guy Gardner, Batman, Martian Manhunter
–Mattycollector Exclusive Future Superman, Batman, Vandal Savage
–Mattycollector Exclusive Fire, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle
–Mattycollector Exclusive Toyman, Firefly, Doctor Destiny

Mr. Miracle, Orion, Darkseid

Fire, Ice, John Stewart

Batman Beyond, Old Bruce Wayne and Warhawk.

The Question, Flash, Wonder Woman

Supergirl, Capt. Atom, Green Lantern

Captain Atom’s head is a bit large.

Superman, Huntress, Galatea

Cheetah, The Shade, Lex Luthor in Prison garb.

Batman, General Eiling and Amanda Waller.

Apache Chief, Black Vulcan, Samurai.

Blackhawk, Superman, Wonder Woman

Superman, Livewire, Weather Wizard

Penguin, Nightwing, Batgirl

Green Lantern and Manhunters

Green Lantern, Katma Tui, Despero

Flash, Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang

Superman, Metallo, Silver Banshee

Plasticman, Miracle, Cyborg

Supergirl, Warlord, Delmos

Batman, Grey Ghost, Joker

Mattycollector Exclusive JLU Heatwave, Flash, Mirror Master
Mattycollector Exclusive JLU Angleman, Firestorm, Killer Frost
Mattycollector Exclusive JLU Goldface, Evil Star, Kyle Rayner

Inner carton

Mattycollector Exclusive Animalman, Starman, Adam Strange

Mattycollector Exclusive Jay Garrrick Flash, Alan Scott Green Lantern, Hawkman

Mattycollector Exclusive Mongul, Batman, Wonder Woman 3pack

Mattycollector Exclusive Static, Micron, Aquagirl

Ugh…Aquagirl really looks like a fish!

Mattycollector Exclusive Guy Gardner, Batman, Martian Manhunter

Mattycollector Exclusive Future Superman, Batman, Vandal Savage

Mattycollector Exclusive Fire, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle

Mattycollector Exclusive Toyman, Firefly, Doctor Destiny

I find it strange why Toyman has damage painted on his head. He usually appeared pristine in the show.

So this is it, I guess we bid farewell to a truly incredible line that lasted so many years after the show had ended. We still have a lot of missing “Timm-verse” characters in toy form (Myxzptlk tops my list). Ahh perhaps one day.

As this incredible line draws to a close with the upcoming final 3 packs, there are a lot of characters still left to do in the Timm-verse JLA as they appeared in the show. Maybe one day Mattel will release them… maybe…

1. El Diablo
2. Jonah Hex
3. Bat Lash
4. Sheriff Ohiyesa Smith
5. Dana Tan (Batman Beyond, Terry’s Girlfriend)
6. Max Gibson (Batman Beyond, Terry’s female friend)
7. Big Barda (Batman Beyond)
8. Green Lantern Kai-Ro (Batman Beyond)
9. High Father (New Gods)
10. Metron (New Gods)
11. Starman
12. Oberon
13. Catman (Justice Guild)
14. Blok
15. Chameleon Boy (Legion Of Super Heroes)
16. Colossal Boy (Legion Of Super Heroes)
17. Phamtom Girl (Legion Of Super Heroes)
18. Shadow Lass (Legion Of Super Heroes)
19. Timberwolf (Legion Of Super Heroes)
20. Ultraboy (Legion Of Super Heroes)
21. Wildfire (Legion Of Super Heroes)
22. Linda Park (Wally West’s love interest in the show, his wife in the current Flash comics)
23. Mera (Aquaman’s wife)
24. Snapper Carr

Green Lantern Corps.
1. K’ryssma
2. Larvox
3. Palaqua
4. Aresia
5. Salaak
6. Xax
7. Zborra
8. Chaselon
9. Spol
10. Stel
11. Galius Zed

Villains (appearances in the show, including cameos. Taken from this list)


1. Plastique
2. Desaad
3. Granny Goodness
4. Virman Vundabar.
5. Steppenwolf
6. Kanto
7. Mad Harriet
8. Bernadeth
9. Stompa
10. Trickster
11. Circe
12. Morgaine Le Fey
13. Mordru
14. Roulette (the Meta-human fight organizer)
15. Bonk (Jokerz)
16. Chucko (Jokerz)
17. Woof (Jokerz)
18. Dee-Dee (Jokerz)
19. Ghoul (Jokerz)
20. Maxwell Lord
21. Long Shadow (Ultimen)
22. Wind Dragon (Ultimen)
23. Juice (Ultimen)
24. Downpour (Ultimen)
25. Shifter(Ultimen)
26. Ares
27. Hades
28. Annihilator (Ares’ secret weapon)
29. Felix Faust
30. Chronos
31. Gentleman Ghost
32. Aresia (the rogue Amazon)
33. Music Master (Injustice Guild)
34. Sportsman (Injustice Guild)
35. Sir Swami (Injustice Guild)
36. Dr. Blizzard (Injustice Guild)
37. King (Royal Flush Gang)
38. Queen (Royal Flush Gang)
39. Ace (Royal Flush Gang)
40. Ten (Royal Flush Gang)
41. Jack (Royal Flush Gang)
42. Shaggyman (General Eiling)
43. Capt. Nazi
44. Emerald Empress (Fatal Five)
45. Mano (Fatal Five)
46. Persuader (Fatal Five)
48. Tharok (Fatal Five)
49. Validus (Fatal Five)
50. Brainwave
51. Glorious Godfrey
52. Shatterfist (Cadre, a group of Supervillains who had cameos in the episode “Clash”)
53. Black Mass (Cadre)
54. Crowbar (Cadre)
55. Fastball (Cadre)
56. Tsukuri
57. Amygdala
58. Bloodsport
59. Electrocutioner
60. Hellgrammite
61. Hellhound
62. Sportsmaster
63. Tracer
64. Abra Kadabra
65. Dr. Alchemy
66. Fiddler
67. Pied Piper
68. Top
69. Thinker
70. Turtleman
71. Mr. Element
72. Gorgon (Extremists)
73. Lord Havoc (Extremists)
74. Dreamslayer (Extremists)
75. Tracer (Extremists)
76. Angleman
77. Blue Lama
78. Doctor Cyber
79. Doctor Spectro
80. Blockbuster
81. Major Disaster
82. Merlyn
83. Monocle
84. Neutron
85. Puzzler
86. Shark
87. Queen Bee
88. Puppeteer
89. Rampage
90. Tattooed man

Mentionable characters that appeared in the JLU comics.
1. Powergirl
2. Phantom Stranger
3. Zauriel
4. Ragman
5. Dr. Occult
6. The Specter
7. Steel (Natasha Irons)
8. Detective Chimp
9. General Zod
10. Solar Flare
11. The Brain (Brotherhood of Evil)
12. Monsieur Mallah (Brotherhood of Evil)
13. Madame Rouge (Brotherhood of Evil)
14. Warp (Brotherhood of Evil)
15. General Immortus (Brotherhood of Evil)
16. Dr.Sivana

Batman The Animated Series characters
1. Baby Doll
2. Count Vertigo
3. Red Claw
4. Sewer King
5. Maxie Zeus
6. Lock Up
7. Tweedledee and Tweedledum
8. Roxy Rocket
9. Calendar Girl
10. Harvey Bullock
11. Rene Montoya
12. Matt McGinnis (Terry’s brother, also shares Bruce Wayne’s genetics)
13. KOBRA (Batman Beyond)
14. Inque (Batman Beyond)
15. Stalker (Batman Beyond)
16. Shriek (Batman Beyond)
17. Spellbinder(Batman Beyond)
18. Klarion the Witch boy
19. Hugo Strange

Superman the Animated Series characters
1. Jak-Ur
2. Mala
3. Luminus
4. Maxima
5. Mxyzptlk
6. Dan Turpin
7. Maggie Sawyer
8. The Kents
9. Mercy Graves (Lex’s bodyguard)
10. Perry White
11. Jimmy Olsen
12. Inza Nelson (Dr. Fate’s wife)
13. Chameleon Boy (Legion of Superheroes, appeared in STAS)
14. Billy Batson (Billy first appeared in a non-speaking cameo in Superman The Animated Series)
15. Static Shock
16. Gear


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