Justice League Unlimited Multipacks

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Justice League Unlimited Multipacks

–Doomsday 6 pack
–Gorilla Grodd 6 pack
–Attack from Apokolips 6 pack
–The Secret Society 1 6 pack
–The Secret Society 2 6 pack
–The League Eclipsed – Eclipso 6pack
–Mutiny in the Ranks 6 pack
–The League United 6 pack
–Legends of the League 6 pack
–Attack from Thanagar 6 pack
–The Final 7 pack

The Justice League Unlimited Doomsday 6 pack,

Justice League Unlimited Grodd 6 pack

Grodd’s pretty big, nice clean sculpt too.

Joker as the Red Hood. Sadly, my Joker’s a bit cross-eyed.

Lex Luthor

Attack from Apokolips 6pack (note the wrong spelling of “Apolkolips” on the packaging ).

The Secret Society 6pack (repaint, color correct Lex, darker Grodd)

The Secret Society 6pack vol 2.

The League Eclipsed 6pack

Mutiny in the Ranks 6pack.

The League United 6pack

Legends of the League 6pack

Attack from Thanagar 6pack

Mattycollector Exclusive Justice League Unlimited Final 7 boxset

I wondered who this guy is, turns out itโ€™s Mattel package designer Frank Varela, who has worked on the JLU packaging art from the beginning. Nice ๐Ÿ™‚


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