Transformers G1 Bootleg Dinobots

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Transformers G1 Bootleg Dinobots

Dinobot Swoop


Comes with the following accesories plus the manual

Robot Mode

Well…. it’s the G1 Swoop, box arts and accessories are complete, except for the tech specs decoder(that red film strip from the old days).

Major complaints would be
-The missile pod won’t clip on the right wing. The only way to fix this is to wrap teflon around the peg but it doesn’t really help much

-The wings don’t fold back all the way in robot mode.

-Hair trigger on the missiles. Be careful not to hit yourself in the eye.

Some slightly problematic areas like this one:

The metal shaft is a bit too long, hindering the transformation when the beak folds down to the chest. Better file it off or use plier cutters to trim them down, otherwise Swoop’s beak won’t fold down.

-Missing “Holo” sticker.

The good news is the stickers are complete and really stick (unlike some of Hasbro’s “official” reissues). Plus, the diecast parts are all there.

For a “China Reissue”(This is the more popular term when you’re in Hongkong looking for one), I’d give this a 6/10 grade. It’s not half bad but it could’ve been better or at least cheaper.

The Bootleg G1 Slag and Sludge.



Energo Swords.

Crappy paint jobs.

After getting the G1 bootleg Mirage, I was really excited about getting the bootlegged Dinobots (I’ve been waiting years to own them). Sadly, that was a huge mistake.

Oh, where to begin…

The repro box is somewhat lackluster, the print is a bit faded and pretty far from the repro mirage box.

As for the toys themselves, well, you can see the paint blotches, Slag’s horns also spin around with no resistance which makes it a bit annoying in robot mode. Plus my Slag is missing his shoulder cannon.

The good news is the stickers are fairly decent (still stick better than the ones used in the old Hasbro reissued G1 toys) and the chrome used for the silver parts are on par (the gold chrome on the feet is a bit faded though).

I also got Grimlock but had to return him when I found that he had two left forearms! Sigh.

Overall, save your money, pass on these and either get the old G1 second hand or pray for divine intervention that HasTakTomy will reissue the Dinobots.

The Bootleg G1 Grimlock.


Dinobot Bommander?

He’s actually very good, unlike Slag and Sludge. the paint job on Grimlock isn’t bad at all.

After decades of wishing to own one of the coolest G1 characters, I guess this is as close as I’ll ever get (for now?)

Robot mode.

His head’s still off center.

One major flaw with the toy is that the twin barrel stungun handle is too big! It won’t fit inside Grimlock’s fists. It’s kind of annoying. I had to buy an original gun on Ebay.

Transformers G1 Bootleg Dinobot Snarl.

The quality isn’t that great (paint bleeds) but it’s decent enough (very nice chrome finish)

Bootleg Dinobots complete! I doubt they’ll ever reissue the Dinobots (lost/destroyed original molds supposedly) so I guess this is as close as I’ll ever get (short of getting the vintage toys but I hate seeing lack luster, tarnished chrome).


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