Lego Ghostbusters Ecto-1

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Lego Ghostbusters Ecto-1

The Ghost Busters

The Proton Packs are removable.

Now, while the hoses are supposed to be plugged in like this:

..I prefer to leave them disconnected, as I’m worried they will break over time, since they’re basically rubber and the plug connections do seem like they’re really stressing the material.

The hoses are a bit awkward to hold for the mini figures too. Plus, the packs make the figures top-heavy, they can’t really stand properly unless they’re hunched over.

The team also comes with one Ghost Trap, and two walkie talkies (no Ecto Goggles though).

I love how over the years, the Lego Mini figures now come with 2 facial expressions printed on their heads (front and back).

Normal faces.

Optional faces.

The Ecto-1

I love the details on the roof!

Unfortunately, the set isn’t quite perfect, none of the doors open and you can only seat 3 figures tops, plus the figures have to be in a single file.

Seating 3 figures looks awkward….

Still, it’s not an absolute deal-breaker. I love this set. It’s a shame the Back to the Future Lego Delorean didn’t have “plates” to cover up the Lego studs like it does on the Ecto-1.

“We’re ready to believe you!”


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