Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse

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Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse

Set comes packed with 2 boxes full of baggies.

So many baggies!!!!!

Set 1 x 4 bags
Set 2 x 4 bags
Set 3 x 3 bags
Set 4 x 3 bags
Set 5 x 3 bags
Set 6 x 3 bags
Set 7 x 2 bags
Set 8 x 3 bags
Set 9 x 3 bags
Set 10 x 2 bags
Set 11 x 3 bags
Set 12 x 2 bags
Set 13 x 3 bags
Set 14 x 2 bags

Instruction book! It is big!

The Ghostbusters Firehouse.

Lol… it even comes with a stop light. Wow!

Front signage.

Ghosts can be plugged into the side of the building to simulate “flying”. You just have to remove the cover plugs on the side of the building. Pretty clever. This way makes it so you can plug them pretty much anywhere on the exterior.

The side of the building has simulated “slime” coming from the pavement

More details… side door and a garbage can.

Gotta love the way they designed the building’s exterior, so clean. With little “brick” patterns added in for detail.

The rear of the building doesn’t offer anything.

Likewise, the roof offers zero play features.

Fire escape is the only feature on the left side of the structure.


Fully assembled, the playset stands roughly 14.5″ Inches tall.

The set is roughly 13.5 Inches wide (counting the tip of the stoplight) and 15 Inches deep

Fully expanded, the playset grows to 20 Inches x 19 Inches in dimension.

Now, I’m not 100% sure if my scale got this right (the set is heavy and the scale kept adjusting) but the whole thing roughly weighs 3867 Grams.

Clasps for locking and unlocking the “doors” for the playset are located on the roof.

Open Sesame!

Ground Floor

The ground floor features a garage for the Ecto-1 (note, vehicle cannot fully fit in, you have to either remove Janine’s desk, or park it 80% in only and leave the front door open).

The Ecto-1 can only be parked incompletely into the garage.

Tools inside the tool box, and the Fire Alarm.

Janine’s desk (features a telephone, a computer, “mail” and desk lamp)

Peter’s “office”, features a radio, bulletin board, jar and a copy of “Brick” magazine.

Now the Containment Unit should be in the “basement” but for the sake of keeping the cost low (original designs featured a whole basement level, which would be cost prohibitive) they just put it in the back of the office. It’s still all good.

It even features a “flip down” slate for the trap. Cool!

This kind of irks me a bit…. there’s no “locker” for Winston… what gives guys?

The lockers can be used to house the Proton packs, but they’re made in such a way you can’t really “hang”” them in place without closing the door to keep them in place, you just have to use the ledge on the wall as a hanger. A bit of an odd setup IMHO.

Sliding pole. The whole reason why the GB bought the Firehouse for use as a base of operations, because Ray loves this little “gimmick”.

Not really sure what those things on the wall are supposed to be. Just simple design liberties? I don’t recall seeing that in the movies or cartoons.

Second Floor

Bed room. Again… only 3 beds. Poor, poor Winston gets no love.

Kitchen/mess hall.

The details for this level are insane! You get a ref full of stuff (Milk, cheese and a pizza), a Ghostbusters “arcade machine”. a table with four chairs (lol… I guess Winston gets some love here). A box of “cereal”, some soda cans, an oven (does not open), fireplace, mugs, a frying pan, coffee pot, pizza boxes, bottles, bowls and last but not least the toaster.

Lots and lots of stuff on the cupboard shelves.

The ref (with milk, cheese and a pizza)

Fireplace and the arcade game

The Breakfast club?

The bathroom. The bathroom features a shower (with red and blue pieces for hot and cold water), a toilet bowl (with green slime?) a sink with a mirror.

I really don’t know why there’s slime near the toilet bowl and I don’t wanna know.

There’s this little doodad on the side of the bedroom, it can be moved up and down, I have no idea what it’s for..

Third Floor

For fans of the movie, you will recognize this from the Ghostbusters 2 scene, where Ray and Egon develop the pics the take of Vigo the Carpathian.

Fire! Fire!

The fire extinguisher is right outside the door, for Winston to use and come in and save the guys… uhh… Winston?

Egon’s lab.

Lots and lots of stuff (various jars, a radar dish, a protractor, computer monitors, a toolbox, a radio, a dart board with scoreboard, a lamp and another issue of “Brick” magazine. Too bad it doesn’t come with a Jar of Popcorn for Louis to munch on.

From the scene with Louis in GB1. Egon also comes with his PKE Meter (the PKE Meter is not included with the Ecto-1 Egon).

The pool table area. Comes with a map of New York, pool sticks and some (non-moving) billard balls. I decided to put the toaster from the kitchen area up here for the shot, to reproduce the “dancing toaster” scene from Ghostbusters 2.

Stairwell for the second and third floors.


With the exception of Peter, the other GB are straight reissues from the Ecto-1 set. Peter here features a new “slimed” look with a new alternate head.

Louis is the only figure with an extra head for his “helmeted” look.

Ghosts and ghouls.

The taxi driver ghost has no “alternate face”.

The librarian ghost (later revealed to be “Eleanor Twitty” in the Ghostbusters game) comes with a book called “Magical paths to Fortune and Power” . A nod to the Ray’s Occult bookstore scene from Ghostbusters 2 (Peter ordered a copy of the book).

I really, really love this set a lot! Seeing it completed brings a tear to my eye. My kids had a blast seeing it slowly being completed and looking at the little details all around.

A very, very impressive set, I liked this more than the Simpsons’ house. This has a lot more detail and feels less cramped compared to the Simpsons’ house.

All in all, this set took roughly 14-15 hours to build. It was hard but very rewarding! Thanks a lot Lego! You made this Ghostbusters fan happy.

My only real gripe is that the Ecto-1 can’t be stored all the way inside the Firehouse, at least not without removing Janine’s table. Oh well… It still looks good even if it’s parked partially out the doorway.

Hmm… now to hunt down the Real Ghostbusters Minimates or not…


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