Lego Icons Optimus Prime

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Lego Icons Optimus Prime

1508 Pieces to build Optimus Prime.

The box is pretty big, as expected for a huge Lego set. Measures 19 x 11 x 3.5 inches in dimension.

The set is pre-packed into 10 separate baggies.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Prime come with so many accessories. I just expected they only included his Ion Blaster and called it a day.

The strongest and the wisest of the Autobots, Optimus Prime knows the importance of life and will gladly sacrifice himself in the protection of others. Taking on the burden of the mantle of leadership, Prime leads a never-ending fight against his arch nemesis Megatron and the evil Decepticons.

Admittedly, I feel that there’s something off with Prime’s eyes. Too small? Too close? Too two-dimensional? I sort of wish Lego just crafted a unique brick for Prime’s eyes and nose bridge for better representation, instead of just using a sticker (the sticker is pre-applied). It seems too flat?

The figure actually sports ratchet joints for its shoulders, elbows and legs.

There is waist rotation, but you’ll have to lift up the front panel to get the clearance to do it.

While it’s great that Prime’s legs can rotate forward and even do splits, his knees can only rotate, there’re no hinge joint for the knees. So at best, you can only get an “A” stance pose for the legs, with varying degrees of wideness.

Ball jointed ankles

Prime’s hands also sport articulation, they even have articulated thumbs. I chuckled when I realized they only gave him three fingers though.

Prime’s tires are made from actual rubber. I hope they won’t become sticky over time.

Prime stands roughly 14 inches tall, counting the tip of his antennae.

For accessories, Prime comes with an Energon cube. Lol… I was wondering what the bag of pink Lego bricks was for.

To get Optimus to hold his Ion Blaster, just simply tab the tip of the blaster onto the Lego studs on either of his forearms.

The Ion Blaster is really big and impressive. I like how the Lego engineers managed to work this out perfectly.

Prime’s iconic Energon Axe is also included with this set.

To equip the axe, you’ll have to remove the hand first, then plug in the axe post into a hole below the wrist peg.

Another cool accessory for this set is Sideswipe’s Rocket Pack from episode 3 of “More than Meets the Eye”.

Without the rocket pack, Prime’s back looks really lacking, sort of like the vintage G1 toy. So it’s recommended that you always equip the pack on as it gives Optimus more bulk.

Lastly, the big bot also comes with the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, it can be clipped onto holders inside his chest.

Unfortunately, Prime can’t hold the Matrix properly though, thanks to the big fingers. At best, you can only hook it onto one of his thumbs.

The set comes with a nameplate sticker.

The nameplate really adds a touch of class to the whole set. I kinda wish Lego included one for the Lego Ideas Voltron set back then.

Autobots, transform and roll out!!

Impressively, the transformation hardly requires any parts be removed. With the exception of the front plate, everything stays on and the transformation is fun and stable, thanks to all the ratchet joints.

To get the look right, Lego included an optional front bumper plate for Prime in truck mode.

I love the details for the rear brake lights!!

Another cool design gimmick are these gas drums that can be rotated when you transform Optimus.

Lol… no door?

Prime’s Ion Blaster can also be stored on his alt mode. There’s nowhere to store the cube, axe and rocket pack though.

Overall, I love it! I was originally on the fence for this set, but I eventually caved when I saw the impressive display piece at the Lego store. It’s big and eye-catching. The accessories are nice and the transformation is pretty good. I really like the use of ratchets to help the figure hold poses better.

Admittedly, it’s not perfect, but it’s close. There are some points that I feel could’ve been better. The odd waist panels do take some getting used to, but eventually, you will get used to them. The elbow joint sockets sometimes also tend to fall out when you’re posing the figure with the Ion Blaster equipped, but it easily pops back in. The flat, two-dimensional eyes sometimes also turn me off. Lastly, I wish they incorporated working knees into the design somehow.

I wonder if Lego will ever release a trailer add-on for this set?


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